Gorgeous new bird pattern

March 17, 2009

I’ve just seen the latest wallpaper and fabric design from Lewis & Wood. ‘Bewick Birds’ is inspired by the work of Thomas Bewick, a wood engraver who published the History of British Birds in 1797. I think this paper would make a stunning feature wall. Although it’s a traditional design, birdy patterns are all the rage at the moment and it could look contemporary used in a striking teal and chocolate scheme:


The wallpaper is £46 per roll, and the fabric is £44 per m, so this is a treat to save up for. The good news is you won’t need much to make a big impact. Check out these other beautiful bird buys. – Ellie


Red bird cushion, $39, Etsy


Birdy decorations, £9.75 each, Whippet Grey


Bird stamp set, £25, Cox & Cox


Bird hooks, £12 each, Graham and Green

2 Responses to “Gorgeous new bird pattern”

  1. Nick Cook Says:

    Re: Re: Alex Hort and his “amazing ‘Micro Hydro’ system”, micro is an apt description.

    Take a typical semi with a land area of about 40sq-m (5m x 8m), a gutter height about 6m above the turbine, an annual rainfall of 1m (higher than most of UK), a turbine efficiency of about 50% (probably less for a turbine of this size) and ‘g’ = 9.81 then:

    Annual energy = (40 * 1)cu-m * 1000(Kg/cu-m) * 6 (h) * 9.81 * 50% = 1.177MJ

    Sounds a big number but in real terms is about 0.35KWh or about 4pence worth of electricity per year.

  2. Nick Cook Says:

    Re: My previous comment Re: Alex Hort
    I seem to have left this post against the wrong article, it should have been posted here -> https://homeshoppingspy.wordpress.com/2009/03/20/news-from-the-ideal-home-show/#respond


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