Google launches UK Street View TODAY!

March 19, 2009

We’re just having a play around with Street View, which was launched today by Google for 25 cities in the UK. It lets you view and navigate 360 degree street-level imagery – using the ‘Pegman’ icon you can literally walk up to your front door. It was launched in May 2007 in countries such USA, Japan, Australia and France, and has been very popular, but was only launched in the UK and Netherlands today. It’s also available in Google Earth and on Google Maps for Mobile.


It’s a great tool as you can suss out a house you want to buy before viewing, check out a restaurant area before you go, make travel plans, arrange meeting points, get help with geography homework, or just explore and discover new parts of your town.

Try it yourself – it’s a bit addictive, especially for a nosey neighbour like me!

Type in your postcode, press Enter, then drag the yellow ‘Pegman’ to where you live – the red spot marked A:

And if you’re looking for expert advice on moving house, click here and download the Ideal Home checklist – – For more tips on how to use Google Street View click onto WebUser – Emily


Edinburgh-George St




2 Responses to “Google launches UK Street View TODAY!”

  1. Gary Says:

    Its feels strange to me when we hear the government is placing CC TV cameras around the town we get very nervous but when Google starts to map our local neighborhood for pretty much anyone to scout out our homes it is celebrated.
    Well I suppose at least we won’t need to leave the comfort of our own homes to tour the countries city’s and tourist sites.

    • homeshoppingspy Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Gary. I personally don’t have a problem with CCTV, but the difference is that CCTV streams live video footage, whereas Google has taken a massive snapshot that is not updated. I can understand people being more nervous about a live monitoring system. – Ellie

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