New wallpapers from Cath Kidston

March 27, 2009

Today I’m drooling over the new digital wallpapers from Queen of Vintage, Cath Kidston. Originally developed to decorate the walls of the pretty Cath Kidston shops, so many customers (including myself!) asked if they could buy these lovely wallpapers that Cath has now made 10 designs available online.


Woodstock Rose wallpaper, Cath Kidston


Suffolk Rose wallpaper, Cath Kidston


Little Bird wallpaper, Cath Kidston


Big Smoke wallpaper, Cath Kidston

They cost £150 per roll, so I’ll just do a feature wall – perhaps the ‘Big Smoke’ London pattern in a kitchen alcove? – Ellie

One Response to “New wallpapers from Cath Kidston”

  1. Betty Says:

    I love the Suffolk Rose one – shame that doesn’t come in a linen fabric as it would be perfect for my bedroom curtains!

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