When I was younger, my sister and I had a big plastic globe, which we never used. It was fun to spin it furiously, but geography was never really our thing, so it sat on a book shelf gathering dust. I suspect the globe was eventually taken to a charity shop when I reached my teens, and I haven’t thought of it since. Until now. Today, I find myself scouring eBay for a ‘retro globe’ – and kicking myself for chucking out a fabulous one twenty years ago.


City globe, £64.40, Graham and Green

Globes are officially cool – everyone from Graham and Green to Dwell is stocking them, and every self-respecting designer has one perched on their desk, next to the obligatory stack of design bibles.

Swedish designer Cathy Gedda Westrall's home, from Design*Sponge

Swedish designer Cathy Gedda Westrall's home, from Design*Sponge

I wonder why globes are fashionable again? Perhaps in troubled times, having a pretty little plastic planet you can completely control is reassuring – it reminds you of your place in the bigger picture. Maybe it’s also an example of people craving comforting symbols from the past. Recent research reveals that when we’re faced with an uncertain future, we return to the familiar household brands we grew up with – from Bisto gravy to Bird’s custard, a recessionary revival is under way. Heinz traditional tomato soup is selling at twice the pace of its newer Farmer’s Market label and some traditional labels have reported sales rises of up to 40 per cent in just six months. Perhaps globes are symbolic of happier times – cosy old-fashioned studies, school days and childhood – and their presence in our homes is comforting on some sub-conscious level. I like these faded antique globes from Pedlars best:

Antique globes, from £69 each, Pedlars


Antique globes, from £69 each, Pedlars

If your style is a bit sleeker and your look is contemporary, take a look at these smart metallic globes from Dwell. All very urban, and not my cup of tea, but perfect for a striking, modern home.



Desk globe in black, £45; large silver desk globe, £65; both Dwell

Popping into Paperchase the other day, I realised that a quick way to bring globes to my home is with a cheery 50p postcard, so I’ve propped this one up on my desk until eBay comes up with the goods!  – Ellie


We’ve all seen the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, discovered by Barter Books and copied by just about everyone since…but this little mug from Mclaggan Smith Mugs seems more fitting for the economic crisis and it made me chuckle today! – Ellie

Now panic and freak out mug, MS Mugs


I’ve just seen the new collection at Rose and Grey, and these cute bird and bicycle designs blew me away! Check them out…


Birds on a wire wall sticker, £69, Rose and Grey

Bird cage cushion, £62, Rose and Grey

Bird cage cushion, £62, Rose and Grey

Velo tea towel, £9.50, Rose and Grey

Velo tea towel, £9.50, Rose and Grey

Bird cage tea towel, £9.50, Rose and Grey

Bird cage tea towel, £9.50, Rose and Grey

Mmmmm, I’m just fantasising about how cool the Birds on a Wire sticker would look in my bedroom… sometimes this job is so hard. Too much temptation! Let me know your thoughts…are you bird-obsessed, too? – Ellie


We’re big fans of the Keep Calm Gallery here, and this new print caught my eye on their site today. Inspired by the song written by Buddy G. DeSylva and Lew Brown for the Broadway musical ‘Hold Everything!’, this lovely screen print is handmade using white ink and recycled brown paper. We like!

picture-32Not only is it gorgeous – it’s affordable too at just £22. I’ve got my eye on this print for my new kitchen…!  – Ellie

Cute Crayola mugs

April 27, 2009

We all love the classic Pantone mugs, but check out these cool new Crayola ones – they’re conjuring up happy memories of nursery school for me!

mugsLove at first sight? These colourful cups are £5.99 each, at eclectic shop Totally Funky. – Ellie

Yesterday I went to check out the new Tesco Autumn Winter collection, and spotted these gorgeous Fifties-style ceramics and accessories. So retro and cute – these pear and apple patterns remind me of Orla Kiely‘s ‘Green Apples and Pears’ design, and there’s nothing I like more than designer style at bargain prices…


Apples and Pears collection, from £2 for a mug, Tesco

There were several other Fifties-style designs in the new range, with patterns reminiscent of classic Midwinter pottery designs, but given a modern twist. The colour palette is retro too – think dirty teals, greys and mustard greens:


Textured leaf range, from £2 for a mug, Tesco


Shadow Floral range, from £1.50 for a mug, Tesco


Deco Circle range, from £1.50 for a mug, Tesco

I’m a bit of a polka dot addict, so I got very excited when I saw these pretty spotty cake tins at the Tesco show. They’re just £4.50 for two – what a fantastic deal! I’ve seen similar tins recently for twice the price in posh shops such as Portmeirion.


Red spot cake tins, £4.50 for two, Tesco

All these lovely things are due to hit Tesco stores in September, so sadly I will have to wait for my polka dot fix. – Ellie


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sum09_wall-of-letters…so much gorgeous-ness, so little time. Keep your eyes peeled – these lovely things are due to hit the Graham and Green website and shops in June. – Ellie