Emily Peacock cushions

May 19, 2009

Check out these lovely designs from cross-stitch craft queen Emily Peacock – follow the instructions in her cute kits to create these fantastic tapestries, then sew them into cushions.

kiss and hug

I spoke to Emily this morning, and she revealed she’s working on some new designs – so watch this space! Have a look at her retro rock chic patterns, too:



The great thing about cross-stitch is that once you get the hang of it, you can just do it while you watch TV…my kinda hobby! – Ellie


4 Responses to “Emily Peacock cushions”

  1. Cyndie Cherry-Bain Says:

    Unbelievably Gorgeous and such talent…

  2. jane Says:

    gorgeous cushions already made!!!!!!!

  3. debbie Says:

    i just love the kiss cushion, i would really like to buy one but i cannot seem to find it, i cant sew so would perfer to buy please help,. i want to buy it for a xmas present for my mother.

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