SNEAK PREVIEW! Jamie Oliver’s brand new kitchen collection

July 21, 2009

The ‘hot off the press’ autumn/winter Jme catalogue has just landed on my desk… let’s have a peek!

jme_kitchen_linensOooh! I love these quirky kitchen linens. I’m definitely an all-white kitchen kind of a girl so I’m always on the look out for accessories to brighten things up. I reckon the ‘don’t forget to eat your greens’ teatowel is my favourite – I might buy a couple and staple one onto a cheap artists’ canvas for a bit of budget wall art.

jme_mixing_bowlsThese mixing bowls are a real bargain t00 – the smaller one is only £8, and by the look of all the eggs the stylist has crammed into it, it’s plenty big enough for whipping up a batch cupcakes!

jme_storage_jarsI’m a big fan of open shelves in kitchens – mainly because it gives me one more place I can accessorise! And how cute are these candy-topped storage jars? Yum! If Jamie really did have something to do with choosing this stuff, the boy’s got taste! Some of these bits are available to buy now via the website or by hosting a Jamie at Home ‘Pukkaware’ party (as a host you’ll get a nice discount on your order too) – but you’ll have to hold out until 2nd September for the newest items in the range – Bethan

2 Responses to “SNEAK PREVIEW! Jamie Oliver’s brand new kitchen collection”

  1. margauxhf Says:

    These pictures are all so lovely. The colors are very soft and pleasant. I also, really like the “Don’t forget to eat your greens” towel. I’d like a second one that said something along the lines of “Then you can move onto dessert”! Mostly because I’ve been known to have a sweet tooth.
    Great post!

  2. really lovely images!
    those mixing bowls & the storage jars look perfect for my new kitchen! x

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