Snail mail is BACK – postal chic

August 12, 2009

Vintage postcards are big news in the design world at the moment. In these days of instant text messages and emails,  postcards ooze nostalgic charm and represent a bygone era when communication took longer and was more thoughtful. There’s something so personal about receiving a carefully-chosen picture with a hand-written ‘wish you were here’ message scrawled on the back. I’m all for speedy texting…but bring back snail mail too, I say!



I’m a huge fan of Lucie Pritchard’s work and her linen postcard placemats and napkins (available from All Things Original) are so lovely – if you get bored of conversation at the table, you can just read the messages! Cloth Ears sells cute postcard make-up bags in it’s Paper Planes collection, as does Helen Ashworth of Rosie’s Armoire, while Cox & Cox does a fabulous seed tin with a vintage postcard lid, and a framed postcard art display.

image3IMAGE4Check out Lucie Pritchard’s gorgeous black and white postcard cushions – chouette! Postage stamps are cool right now too – I’m loving these funky stamp Britannia cushions from Karen Hilton designs. And, although it’s not strictly speaking a postcard, this brown paper parcel wash bag from Cloth Ears is too cute to miss! I’ve just got back from a very relaxing holiday in the sunny south west of France, where I spent many happy hours browsing ‘Brocante’ shops and hunting for pretty vintage postcards. I found two lovely Eiffel Tower ones (below) and the plan is to get some printable linen fabric sheets from our trusty friends at Crafty Computer Paper, and sew some cushions and bags. I picked up some great tips from Helen Ashworth of Rosie’s Armoire at the Country Living Fair a while ago, so it’s high time I had a go at making some of my own postal-chic accessories! – Ellie



4 Responses to “Snail mail is BACK – postal chic”

  1. margauxhf Says:

    I love this post! I’ve always been a fan of snail-mail, I adore how much more personal it is. Also, I think looking at other people’s handwriting is just fun. However I, like many other people, am lazy about actually doing it. The pillows and bags are such a great way to keep it alive. Plus, they are lovely! Great post, I really enjoyed it.

  2. Alison Says:

    I loved this post too. I absolutely love old postcards & have a nice collection of some flowery ones. I just love the colours of old postcards & of course reading what people wrote to each other!

  3. deb Says:

    Great post – I’ve written about snail-mail a couple of times. There really is some beautiful post-related stuff out there. Thanks!

  4. HereBeDragons Says:

    Gorgeous products. I’ve always loved vintage postcards. Glad to hear they’re appreciated again.

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