Elusive French house numbers

September 3, 2009

Oh, the hours I spent trawling Mr Bricolage. During my holiday in Provence earlier this summer, I fell in love with the rusty little blue and white enamel house number plates that everybody over there is lucky enough to have.


I tried, in vain, to find a ‘158’ to buy and take home to sunny south London. But in every ‘magasin’ I visited, I was met with stern shakes of the head and a resounding, discouraging, ‘non’. Then, I found out from somebody much older and wiser than me, that in France, house numbers are given out to residents by the local town hall – and if you don’t live locally, the ‘Marie’ won’t give you a number. I was extremely sad about this until, 0n my return, I hit google and stumbled across a few websites that have noticed this gap in the market, and are happily flogging French house numbers to British tourists like myself. Shop for numbers at Francofile, The French Number Company, Willow & Stone, or Pardon My French. I was so overjoyed to discover that the French house number I’d been searching for would finally be MINE, that I thought I’d share the love and tell you all about these fabulous websites. I have to say, my other friends don’t seem that excited. Can’t think why. – Ellie


4 Responses to “Elusive French house numbers”

  1. deb Says:

    nice post.

  2. Ramsign Says:

    Many people refer to this kind of signs as “French house numbers“. This term is in fact a bit misleading, as the rich enamel sign tradition originates from Germany.

    At Ramsign we produce hand crafted enamel signs and European / Scandinavian designs are made strictly according to original drawings.

  3. David Hughes Says:

    Original French house numbers – either old council surplus or removed on demolition or replacement – are far easier to find than you might think. Look on ebay France or UK and there are plenty of originals listed, with many of the listings suggesting that the vendors have substantial stocks.

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