Pale and Interesting

September 29, 2009

Check out the scrumptious photography on stylist/author Atlanta Bartlett’s new mailorder website, Pale and Interesting. Shot at the Kent home she shares with her photographer husband Dave Coote, these images are fresh, pretty, and ooze shabby-chic charm.

Picture 16

Picture 19There’s something so pleasing about this mixture of mercury glass accessories, glass bell jars and white tongue and groove panelling. By the way, tip of the day: for inexpensive tongue and groove panels, shop at EasiPanel. I love the plaster cast antique scissors plaque in this shot – a great gift for a sewing fan.

Picture 17Picture 24Pink peonies in pretty china teacups, zinc garden planters, white folding bistro chairs, linen cushions – this is text book English vintage style. Nothing new, but very lovely all the same.

Picture 22Picture 20The image below isn’t helping to cure my current obsession with old leather armchairs – if anything, it’s making it worse! Aren’t they lovely? And one day, they will be mine, mwah ha haaa. But for now, it’s time to wipe the drool off my keyboard and stop fantasising about chairs – it can’t be healthy. By the way, is anybody else watching Design For Life on BBC2 with Philippe Starck? Isn’t it HILARIOUS? I love the fact that every week he sets the students a vague, ‘invent something new and amazing that will change the world as we know it’ brief, most of which is lost in translation, and then they all go away and spend a week ‘brainstorming’ and panicking, then produce…well, very little…apart from some vague ‘ideas’ and a bit of tinkering with magnetic cutlery while Starck clings to his stunning girlfriend or bangs eeez ed against ze wall in despair. Top notch TV. – Ellie.

Picture 23

5 Responses to “Pale and Interesting”

  1. callie grayson Says:

    *sigh* love those bell jars and mercury glass. Each photo I find one more item I need, yes need for my home!! especially the plaid blankets!!!! need about 5 of them:)

  2. Courtney Says:

    Their work never fails to brighten my day! And by the way, your blog is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites! You do such a great job with it.

  3. Katy Says:

    Such a lovely post, thanks for sharing Ellie.

  4. homeshoppingspy Says:

    Thanks Courtney – that’s very kind of you! Ellie x

  5. Patchwork Harmony Says:

    P&I’s photography and website is stunning… a little pricey though?

    I LOVE the Phillipe Starck programme! we sit and try to come up with our own ideas, which is probably much easier sitting on the sofa than under the critical eye of P Starck! 🙂

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