The unlikely TYPEWRITER trend

October 1, 2009

Typewriters are cool. They’re so cool. They’re, like, really cool. Check out this print. Isn’t it cool? Does anybody mind if I over-use the word cool in this post? No? Cool.

keep calm and type onI think this is what we in the business refer to as a ‘Micro Trend’. The kind of trend that you KIND of think MIGHT be a trend, but then, when you come to find some trendy things that are part of the trend, you find, like, three things. Hence the term Micro. If it was a TREND trend – as in, horses, owls etc – there would be thousands of trendy trend-related designs fighting to be featured – indeed, we’d be auditioning all day and only a select few would make the final cut – the creme de la creme (alas still no accents, apologies) de la trend.

typewriterOf course, there’s always good old Etsy – which can, rain or shine, be relied upon to provide fantastic trend-tastic finds, even for the most obscure Micro Trend when you’re really scraping the trend dregs at the bottom of the murky, miserable trend barrel. I love the typewriter rubber stamp, the typewriter notebook, the typewriter rings, and indeed, erm, the typewriter.


American shop Three Potato Four has a lovely collection of vintage typewriters (the lovely but extortionate variety), which you could carry in a typewriter bag and, while you type, you could wear a typewriter T-shirt, while admiring a lovely typewriter print.

vintage-typewriter-keysWow – I think this might actually be promoted from Micro Trend status to TREND trend status, as there are, now I come to think of it, a few more typewriters around than I thought. Hmm, not that many though. Might just have to finish this post with a repeat of the image I opened with, but in a different colour. Cop out, I know, but times are hard. Just hope nobody notices. – Ellie

keep calm and type on

8 Responses to “The unlikely TYPEWRITER trend”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I need to hang one of these by my desk. Typewriters are so charming – I don’t know if I’d go as far as to wear one on a teeshirt, but they make for lovely artwork.

  2. paula Says:

    I love that rubber stamp 🙂

  3. Emily Says:

    I love those rings! Emily

  4. Alan Says:

    The jewelry reminds me of the “trend” of elephant-foot wastebaskets. The t-shirts and prints and so on are just symbolic of typewriters, but the jewelry required the destruction of an actual typewriter. Thus, typewriter key jewelry is sort of an anti-typewriter statement: “I love typewriters so much that I paid someone to saw off one’s keys for this trinket!”

  5. homeshoppingspy Says:

    I know what you mean Alan. I love typewriters, and would never want to see a lovely old one destroyed to make rings. But I think the rings featured here are made from typewriters that are so old, damaged and irreparable that they would otherwise be scrapped. As long as that’s the case, I don’t see the harm in recycling parts and giving them a new lease of life. But I agree it’s a crime to damage or break up a working or reparable model. Not quite like elephants though…typewriters aren’t living or able to feel pain surely!

  6. Joe Says:

    While it’s very possible that typewriters don’t feel pain (although I feel enough sympathy pain for them), typewriters, unlike elephants, have the distinct disadvantage of being unable to reproduce. Every typewriter that’s killed to make a ring or bracelet is one less that will ever exist; No one is ever going to make another one.

    And while one could make the argument that the typewriters might be “unfixable” (I’ve seen 100 year old machines that haven’t been used in over 50 years type like new in minutes), the fact is you just don’t know what condition the poached machine was in. Would it be OK to say that we could use ivory from elephants that have died of natural causes? No. Because you know that there are a bunch of jerks out there that don’t want to wait around for an elephant to croak, and want to make a quick buck.

    It’s very sad, but for the time being, typewriter keys are worth more than the typewriters they’re attached to. Although at the rate typewriters are being butchered, that will probably change pretty quick. Then all the budding writers that just can’t get any inspiration staring at pixels on a screen decide they want a typewriter, they’ll have the pleasure of paying out the nose for it. And writers don’t tend to make the big-bucks.

    Anyways, that’s the abridged version of my key-chopping rant. If I change just one mind, my time was well spent.

  7. Bluejay Young Says:

    We have a pin we got from Oddizms that says “back space”, but no typewriters were harmed in the making of that pin. It was nicely printed from a picture of a backspace key, not made from an actual one. Why can’t they manufacture keys especially for the purpose of using in art and so forth, just like they started selling “cutoff” jeans in the 70s instead of buying a pair of regular Levis and cutting them off to make shorts out of them?

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