THREE craft projects: vintage plates

October 5, 2009

Like shoes, men and Maltesers, you can never have too many pretty vintage plates. But if, like me, you have stacks of lovely old china piled high, hidden away in cupboards, that you picked up for pence at car boot sales or in charity shops, but use once a year at most (!), then now’s the time to display a few of your favourites so you can admire them every day.

VINTAGE PLATE1I love the crafty plate projects in our new November issue. This quirky clock idea is super-simple and so effective. Mark the centre of your plate where the hole will be drilled, then put the plate face up on a sturdy surface, and secure with Blu-tack. Cover the centrepoint with masking tape, then drill a hole slowly using a tile/glass drill bit. Then fit a clock mechanism (£10.99, Hobbycraft). Voila!

VINTAGE PLATE2You can use vintage tea cups as pretty planters – great for inexpensive but lovely gifts.

VINTAGE PLATE3Use lovely saucers as photo frames. Cut photos to fit the base of saucers and glue them in place, then glue-gun hooks to the backs of the saucers and hang them with ribbons for a delightful display. You can find vintage china at Chinasearch, or Katy Potts Tea for Two. – Ellie

8 Responses to “THREE craft projects: vintage plates”

  1. Flower Boy Says:

    like the rose in the tea cup, very nice!

  2. Courtney Says:

    Oh, as if I needed another reason to poke through the Goodwill! I really think those frames would be perfect for my sunroom. What a great idea – thanks for sharing!

  3. deb Says:

    Love the saucer photo frames – great idea!

  4. kittyandpolly Says:

    Great the photo frame idea ! Nice creative project over a weekend.

  5. Lynne, Tea for Joy Says:

    Ha – I was totally planning to make a plate clock – I’ve even got the hands etc already. A friend suggested taking my plate to the local glazier and asking them to drill a hole – sorry but your DIY drilling sounds a bit too risky for me!

  6. Kim Naumann Says:

    I LOVE this sort of blog post! I’m constantly picking up cups, plates and all kinds of things at thrift stores with no idea what I’m going to do with them! Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  7. What a lovely idea. You may like to visit my site for gorgeous vintage cake stands at affordable prices. Let’s keep these treasures for many years to come and use them in beautiful and imaginative ways.
    I love a bit of nostalgia.

  8. shamtest Says:

    I can’t seem to fully load this post from my smartphone!!!!

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