Fairy tale time

October 26, 2009

Folklore, magic and homespun charm – flicking through the latest images in the lovely House to Home galleries today, I stumbled upon this gorgeous bedroom. It could be a room inside Snow White’s cottage, and sums up nicely the current vogue for fairy tales and all things folk.

BedroomAfter spying hundreds of toadstools and owls last week at the lovely Anthropologie, I’m getting quite into this trend now. Colourful patchwork, ribbons, pom poms and homemade, knitted accessories – it’s really growing on me! Note how the plastic squirrel, which in any other setting would look tacky, looks cool here. The magic of styling! – Ellie

4 Responses to “Fairy tale time”

  1. love this bed!! the bedding is fabulous!!!
    and the plastic squirrel… very cute!

  2. Amicacarmilla Says:

    My friend’s family designed that wall clock: http://diamantinidomeniconi.it/

    : )

    AmicaC. x

  3. Dan Says:

    Nice and warm environment, especially in these autumn days.
    I love even the clock on the wall… it makes the room warmer.

  4. Morgan Says:

    do you know where you can get a bed like that?

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