Curious Chocolate from the Bailey family

November 10, 2009

Sally and Mark Bailey‘s 26-year-old son Ben has just launched his own business, Curious Chocolate. I’m salivating over the lovely website already – it basically combines two of my favourite things…old letterpress printing and chocolate!

curious chocNow, we rarely talk about food here, but the Baileys connection and the gorgeous packaging means I’m willing to sneak this in! Inspired by a trip to an old Amsterdam letterpress workshop, Ben Bailey’s chocolate bars come wrapped in graph paper covered with fabulous fonts – a typography lover’s dream come true! My favourite has got to be the ‘Mouthful’ mint bar – how appropriate for me.

curious chocolate3The drinking chocolate in a rustic preserving jar would make a fabulous stocking filler, but it’s the jars of pretty chocolate-coated nuts and raisins that have caught my eye…they look like pebbles, eggs and olives! Very curious indeed!

curious chocolate2All this talk of chocolate, and nothing but a lousy, dry and slightly squashed satsuma on my desk, which I have been ignoring for about a week now. Sigh. – Ellie


4 Responses to “Curious Chocolate from the Bailey family”

  1. please excuse me while I wipe of my computer screen, *note to self, licking screen is not tasty!*

    very curious indeed! These would make great gifts!! thanks for the intro, I will have to look at his site as well as his parents site.


  2. Kate Says:

    wow…beautiful packaging! I suppose that’s expected with the Bailey’s connection, both brands have a lovely aesthetic 🙂

  3. Courtney Says:

    Yum! They are visually delicious, and I’m sure they taste pretty good too.

  4. McKernan Says:

    Great Post! I really enjoy your writing.

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