Door Addicts Anonymous

November 10, 2009

My name’s Ellie and I’m a door-aholic. Our front door is in serious need of a make-over, so I’ve been bothering the boyfriend with paint charts, window film samples and dragging him down boring letterbox and door knocker aisles in DIY shops – much to his chagrin.

House numbers on doors

front doorsFor him, as long as it has hinges and a lock, a door is a door. For me, the door must be painted black, French grey, or in Farrow & Ball Green Ground, or maybe Cooking Apple Green, have chrome door furniture, a lovely window film number panel in the transom window above it, and tasteful privacy film in its panes to be even vaguely acceptable. When I’d shown him the fifteenth paint swatch (all, I confess, similar shades of green and grey…) he flipped, and accused me of being a door addict. Which is, regrettably, the sad truth. It’s got to the point where I find myself fantasising about my dream door on the bus…at the hair-dresser’s…even in bed (!)

front doors1The ever-helpful Housetohome site has lots of lovely door fodder to feed my habit…you can find out how to create a smart front door, how to choose a door and what the most popular paint colours are for front doors. If you’re a window film fan, head to Brume, The Window Film Company (AKA Frostbrite), or Purlfrost who do a fabulous range of etch-effect Victorian-style window film panels:

window film victorian

And then, once I’ve finally found the right door, the right shade of grey/green/black exterior eggshell paint, the perfect letterbox and the right kind of window film – it’s time to choose the FONT for the numbers in the transom window. Ariel? Futura? Suggestions on a postcard to the usual address please! – Ellie

window film numbers

3 Responses to “Door Addicts Anonymous”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I love colored doors, and cannot wait till we are homeowners instead of renters, so that we can change our door color whenever we deem it necessary. That last orange planked door is my favorite.

  2. Sue Says:

    Lovely pictures!
    Our first house was a Victorian terrace and at the time I was doing a signwriting course at college. I had learnt how to gild onto glass so did our house number 67 above the door. It looked great and I was so proud. Just a shame we couldn’t take it when we moved!

  3. Kathryn connell Says:

    These look great, do you know the colour of the first pair of blue grey doors please, just what I’m looking for

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