December 7, 2009

Scrabble cushions, Scrabble wall art…who’d have thunk it? My favourite game is finally cool. Of course, I usually get stuck with seven vowels while my opponent scores 96 on a triple word score square with ‘opaquer’ or some other RANDOM word that I didn’t even know existed, but HEY – losing aside, I do LOVE Scrabble. Check out these fabulous Scrabble cushions from Rockett St GeorgeMaybe this trend started a while ago with Stephen Reed’s Scrabble cushions installation for the Bloomberg offices in London? I’ve got a bit of a thing at the moment for vintage black Scrabble tiles with white lettering…ever since I saw some in Vintage Heaven‘s Halloween display back in October. I bought the letters ‘LOVE’ (cheesy, I know) and they’re in a grey rack in front of my old typewriter – how pleasing…

Sometimes, it’s as if the lovely people at Rockett are reading my mind…

These cushions look so cool on a white sofa in front of a dark grey wall (REALLY need to get this dark grey thing out of my system soon!) If you prefer the traditional cream tiles, check out this stylish Brigitte Herrod artwork, also from Rockett:

This is lovely, but I can’t help thinking you could make your own…vintage Scrabble sets are cheap as chips on eBay, and some shops (such as Vintage Heaven!) sell old Scrabble tiles for pence. A trusty IKEA Ribba frame, some super-glue, and job’s a good ‘un. Right, I’m a bit Scrabbled-out and still recovering from the opening party of the fabulous London pop-up Drink, Shop, Do…(Smack my Stitch up, anyone?) so let’s see if those lovely pics from Sibella Court’s new book,  Etcetera, have arrived yet…oooooh, they have! – Ellie

4 Responses to “Scrabble-tastic”

  1. Brigitte Herrod Says:

    Glad you like my pictures.” You could make your own…”,
    people have said the same thing about many seemingly simple
    pieces of art over the years …point is they didn’t or don’t
    and I have the idea or ideas and I do make them
    and many want to buy them.

    Love your site – particularly interested in Sort Design and thankyou
    for noticing one of my pictures – couldn’t resist a cheeky response!!!
    All the best and may scrabble rule!
    Brigitte Herrod

  2. Cherry Says:

    I think the same when I see the vintage map hearts pictures. Simple and super cheap to do yourself. I guess Brigitte is right though, many people would rather buy them done for them. Very pretty idea.

    Hope letters spelling out ‘LOVE’ aren’t too cheesy. I have wooden ones,(of course),in my craft room. I think a little bit of cheese in your home is okay so long as it’s not a great big parmesan fest of hearts and love on every surface… *rushes off to take down heart door handle decorations* ;-p

  3. Janneke Says:

    I like the Me&U cushions! Just great 🙂

  4. brass door handles are very elegant looking that is why we always use them at home .'”

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