‘Posh’ paint

January 27, 2010

Check out this new range of fabulous paint colours from Laurence Llewelyn Bowen at Graham and Brown, soon to be stocked by B&Q. We’ve talked on here before about how much fun it must be to name paint colours…and it looks as though Laurence has had a ball! Touchy Tealey anybody? Exceedingly Kipling Pink? Plummy Accent? These made me chuckle…

Old School Crockery is a great name for a paint – my grandparents used to have 1950s utilitarian tableware in EXACTLY that shade of pistachio green. And Clooney is perfect for a sexy shade of grey. SIGH! – Ellie

2 Responses to “‘Posh’ paint”

  1. Cherry Says:

    After staring at a wall of paint tester patches, all shades of cream, all wrong, for two days I cracked and resorted to magnolia. (Yes, I know! Don’t judge.) If only Lambswool had been available then. It looks perfect. Might have to have a repaint or I could rebel and paint the whole room in Lily the Pink instead. Or maybe not.

    Favourite paint name is ‘Space Hopper’.

  2. Clare Says:

    This makes me wish I lived somewhere I could paint. Stupid American apartment rules. (or at least MY stupid American apartment’s rules!)

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