Caravan cool

February 10, 2010

Oh, if only I had a 1950s caravan to play house in and decorate in a crazy, retro way…

Our lovely Book of the Week is My Cool Caravan (£14.99, Pavilion), and it’s packed full of inspiring interiors. This first one makes me want to sew some Cath Kidston bunting, fill a vintage thermos flask with tea and take to the road for an adventure!

I love the moody Ralph Lauren floral wallpaper and the pretty Cole & Son Hummingbird paper in this next caravan (which used to belong to Pearl Lowe apparently)…

Note the glamorous crystal light fitting in this interior – just because a room’s on wheels doesn’t mean it can’t ooze decadence!

This next caravan has an American country diner feel about it. NICE Coca Cola chairs…

…wooden panelling and checked curtains? yes, ma’am…

…and this retro Mike’s ‘drive in’ hot dogs sign is a thing of beauty:

The last caravan we’re going to take a peep at belongs to Shoreditch stylist extra-ordinaire, Emily Chalmers, who owns the appropriately-named shop, erm, Caravan

Now, here’s the thing. Her ‘caravan’ is actually a vintage French undertaker’s van! (Hearse Chic? Stop it.) But she’s made it look very pretty all the same…here are some more cute pics of it (borrowed from Casa Sugar):

To see all these gorgeous interiors and many more, place your orders now – My Cool Caravan is out later this month. – Ellie

10 Responses to “Caravan cool”

  1. deb Says:

    My seven year old daughter is mad about caravans – she’ll love this!

  2. Christina Says:

    That is the cutest thing in life.

  3. Jude Says:

    I am in love with the Constance caravan! Was planning on building a summerhouse this year but think we might get an old caravan and give it a makeover instead! xx

  4. carol Says:

    I love Constance caravan and I love vintage caravans Im a textile designer and I make caravn inspired products I have a caravan but its not vintage cos I remember waking up in glass windowed caravans and all you could see was condensation!vintage nice for sunny days only!

  5. Gorgeous! I never thought i’d say this – but i want a caravan 🙂

  6. I absolutely love these caravans! Thanx for the great post and pics!

  7. […] via HomeShoppingSpy de → Jolie déco ← Objet joli et pratique Aucun […]

  8. Gift Genie Says:

    Adorable! Just added your book to list of things to put on (& caravan to my list of things to save up for!)

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