A handy trend

March 16, 2010

It’s Tuesday, and it’s trend ‘o’ clock, so let’s check out the current vogue for HANDS…

Printer’s vignette-style pointing hands were hugely popular in the early 1920s when Avant Garde Dada artists used them in their typography work…you can see these Dada hands at London’s Tate Modern in the Van Doesburg exhibition at the moment. Above left, check out the Dada pointing hand, then above right, see the latest limited-edition letterpress prints to grace the range at Pedlars. I like the handy signage in Borough Market, which is near the Ideal Home office…

The print producers at New Tricks Editions are bang on trend with this new LOVE print…

It’s not just pointing hands that are popular – it’s hands, generally! Check out these slightly-creepy-but-cool hand magnets at Rockett St George

and handy hand hooks for hanging…

The lovely people at RE conveniently sent me this gorgeous little hand-themed notebook last week – with henna-painted hands, sign language symbols and some hand-related sayings…

Let’s end on a slightly macabre note; this image brings a whole new meaning to the words HAND SOAP:

There’s something so disturbing about these little baby hand soaps. They remind me of spooky doll body parts you often see in the dusty corners of a junk shop – eurgh! Weirdly, we’ve just been sent a press release about some melting baby doll candles at Bougies la Francaise, and I spotted scary severed doll head candle holders (apparently, he’s called ‘Little Joseph’) at Utility Design yesterday. Sinister! – Ellie

One Response to “A handy trend”

  1. Will Says:

    You are so right – hands are everywhere at the moment. Jonathan Adler has some fantastic needlepoint cushions with various hand motifs on them – as I’m sure you can imagine, they are lots of fun!

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