NEW Anthropologie European website

April 13, 2010

Finally. Those people lucky enough to reside outside the M25 can now shop at the quirkiest, coolest homeware shop America’s ever produced, AKA Anthropologie, online.

‘This is all very lovely, but where’s the stationery?’ she wailed…

…erm, there isn’t any. Yet. Hopefully the stock will grow, but for now the European site has a lot less choice than the US one, which is a bit disappointing. Probably just as well though – not sure I can afford much more Anthropologie temptation! – Ellie

3 Responses to “NEW Anthropologie European website”

  1. Mrs C Says:

    How exciting….delivery to Ireland quite reasonable too {yipee}

  2. Peta Says:

    Oh gosh – now this is a site I could spend a lot of money on…

  3. Souhaite Says:

    Bear in mind, though, that the founder and chairman of this company, Richard Haynes, supports ultra-right-wing causes in the United States.

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