April 15, 2010

Just spotted this homeware-themed wrapping paper by Emma Davis for Soul UK, which is stocked in Oliver Bonas. Clearly, despite promising myself I wouldn’t buy any more wrapping paper sheets to cover books, line drawers, put into boxes under the bed, I couldn’t resist these two little monkeys…

Vintage plates paper. DING DONG! And vintage teacups and teapots…yummy…

Difficult to convey with a sub-standard scanner, but the teaspoons are metallic. Which makes this paper even more PLEASING. – Ellie

7 Responses to “PLEASING paper”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Ooh, I am loving these too. You just gave me an idea. Never will I look at wrapping paper for just wrapping paper but to use as book covers and/or lining shelves, how AWESOME! COOL! But just have one question? Won’t it rip? I’m sure it will or do you have another clever tip to prevent or make longlasting? Thank you in advance. Have a great day!


  2. Ooo! I have to get me some of that! X

  3. Alison Says:

    Oh these are fun, I love them.

  4. lili Says:

    Love those papers. How can I buy them? I’ve got to have them! There’s no way I can visit the London shop! Help me….

  5. Siany Says:

    LOVE. Really really love. Have an awesome weekend, Ellie!

  6. Alison Reaney Says:

    Hi, I have jut discoved these!! I can’t ind thm on Oliver Bonas site!! Help!!

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