Day Birger goes global

April 29, 2010

Good news, trend-setters: As from August, you’ll be able to order home accessories straight from the Day Birger et Mikkelson website, so getting a slice of rather tasty Danish style will be easier than ever before.

Wanna see what Autumn/Winter has in store? Let’s get poetic. It IS Thursday, after all. Picture a bleak, wind-swept plain, if you will. Wintery, leafless branches twist and curl like arthritic fingers across the barren sky. Somewhere, in the distance, a wolf howls. The air is frosty – crisp and sharp as a knife. Think plush velvet accessories in moody blues, and a creaky old house full of magic and gothic glamour…

Oh dear. Clearly I’ve had a bit too much caffeine! I love the cameo artwork in these shots…

…I’ve got a real thing for old keys, so the silhouette of keys above caught my eye – but I’m not sure my paper-cutting skills are up to recreating it. This next idea, however, is much simpler! Take a nail. Take a key. Hang key on nail. Et voila:

I’m loving these pictures – so gothic, so wintery – with a bit of Alice-in-Wonderland-chic thrown in for good measure. Check out this beady-eyed little crow guarding his collection of gorgeous candlesticks:

This isn’t a brand new pic, but it’s too cool to leave out. I expect Sibella Court‘s a fan of this range:

Remember, if you plant a single cushion…

…blimey, this coffee’s strong. – Ellie

“The other chairs thought James was a bit of a loner.”

5 Responses to “Day Birger goes global”

  1. deb Says:

    Great post!

  2. Mrs C Says:

    Oh have just discovered Day Birger and am totally smitten, blogged about it briefly yesterday here

    Have just added a link to your post from it…you do it more justice than me!!

  3. Janie Peacock Says:

    Wow – I’m inspired! These shots are quite spooky but in a cool way!! I also love the keys and key shapes – thanks for sharing Ellie x

  4. CMN Says:

    Hmmm… Take a nail. Take a key. Hang key on nail. Take a frame. Hang frame around the key on the nail on the wall… Call it ART.

    (maybe sell admission tickets. offer autographs. But NEVER explain your process or motivation. Leave that open to interpretation. Of course)


  5. katie Says:

    I’d never heard of this company before but I must admit their home accessories are gorgeous!!! and the styling of some of the pictures is very original and different to what we usually see in catalogues…


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