Welsh dresser UPDATE

May 2, 2010

Every week, readers write to Ideal Home wanting tips on how to make dated but well-loved (often inherited) pieces of furniture work in their modern, re-decorated homes. Well, here’s a fantastic idea from House to Home for giving an old Welsh dresser a new lease of life…

No sanding down, no painting – the original character of the dresser remains intact, but some funky geometric wallpaper (from Brunschwug & Fils) behind the shelves instantly updates this piece for 2010. It looks positively fabulous here in a funky home office. And HOW much do I want a FLAP analogue clock…? A LOT! – Ellie

5 Responses to “Welsh dresser UPDATE”

  1. Lovely – and can you see a Papermash notebook on the desk….

  2. sarah Says:

    Hhhhmmm…I have an old arts and crafts bureau that has seen better days but I haven’t really got the time for a major makeover I’m liking the wallpaper idea, especially the no sanding, no painting route!!

  3. Nick Says:

    Love the shabby-chic look to it! Works really well.

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