NEW wallpapers to drool over

May 14, 2010

Our post about the wonderful Studio Nommo papers a few weeks back proved extremely popular and got picked up by loads of other lovely people on t’internet with exceedingly good taste, creating a veritable network of wallpaper addicts all around the globe. SO I thought we’d have another little wallpaper love sesh today…

These stunners are new designs from Netherlands-based Studio Ditte (famous for their Scrapwood design), stocked in the UK at Catkin Collection. This vintage plate one reminds me of that fabulous wrapping paper I picked up at Oliver Bonas a few weeks back – LOVE it.

Imagine this cute birdy paper in a child’s bedroom…you could even hang a few real bird boxes painted in bright colours on the opposite wall for a fun touch.

This Russian-style ribbons wallpaper is perfect for this year’s huge Folk revival. Such vibrant colours!

And let’s finish with a peek at another new Studio Ditte design – buttons…

So many papers in the world, and not enough alcoves. SIGH. – Ellie

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