NEW Anorak storage trunks

June 18, 2010

We’re huge fans of Laurie Robertson’s Anorak. And I don’t mean her plastic mac. Although if Anorak DID do anoraks, I’m pretty sure they’d be awesome. If you want to see a fabulous double-page-spread on the lovely Anorak, you’ll have to pick up our August issue when it’s out. If you still think I’m waffling on about cagoules, you need to check out their website. NOW. For everybody else, feast your eyes on these fantastic storage trunks, available from September:

The smaller one is called the ‘Tuck’ box, and is 51cm x 33cm x 28cm. It’s the perfect size for a term’s worth of tuck, chums, and it’ll be £125. The larger one is called the ‘Steamer’ and is a whopping 91cm x 51cm x 36cm – big enough to store a load of blankets, a hundred anoraks, or a very small pair of kissing stags. I’d use the big trunk as a coffee table to store books, magazines, remote controls and my boyfriend, in fact, until the World Cup is over, so I can watch important, serious programmes such as Eastenders on the Sony Bravia instead of having to listen to a million droning vuvuzelas night after night after night, mwah ha haaa. – Ellie

3 Responses to “NEW Anorak storage trunks”

  1. Hi Ellie

    Now THAT’S a good idea – boyfriend storage facility for duration of the World Cup.

    I love the top box. Am a big fan of bunnies. Saw some nice bunny things in your mag recently too in the ‘Easter may have passed but not the bunnies’ bit – have cut it out to put on my blog at some point.

    We’re big fans of bunnies over at Cottontails (as the name suggests!!)


  2. Very cool. Love the stuff you find and share.

  3. Kate Says:

    They beat the Louis Vuitton trunks hands down 🙂

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