Just a bit more H&M excitement…

July 13, 2010

So, yesterday, I was getting all breathless about the new H&M Home online range launching this autumn in the UK, and we had a little look at some of the highlights. Well, I now have a whole CD of pretty pics, and there are a few more bargain buys I just HAVE to share with you all…

How much would you pay for the stunning SEL DE MER cushion cover, top left? It looks like it’s been made from a vintage salt sack. It’s gorgeous. It’s classy. And at H&M, it’s going to be…just £7.99. Bargainous. The OATS & CO tea towel, top right, could be framed for retro wall art, or sewn into a cushion cover by a crafter – and it’s just £2.99. And how cute is that LAUNDRY SERVICE bag, just £12.99? Sorry to bang on about this collection two days running, but it’s basically my new favourite range. Please bear with me if vintage sacks are not your thang…normal service will resume shortly! – Ellie

9 Responses to “Just a bit more H&M excitement…”

  1. MmePaulita Says:

    I blogged about it today thanks to you. Again so sad it is not available here

  2. Will Says:

    Oh this is such great news. Finally an online shop and homewares from good ol’ Hennies! They stocked some fab bedding in European stores last season.

  3. Ellie Says:

    OMG! I swear just today, I was like “Godddd I wish H&M had a home line” and then just like that, tada! I did my leisurely stroll through the blog world and you post THIS! Now the only problem is I’m not in the UK. Wahhh 😦 But still, this is good news 🙂

  4. I’ve linked to you!

  5. sara Says:

    This is so cool! Can’t wait till they make it to the US (or can I?)

  6. Isobel Says:

    Can I just say – I will be buying the Sel de Mer cushion in vast quantities. faburrous

  7. Bethan Says:

    O to the M to the G! I love the Sel de Mer cushion! Can’t believe H&M aren’t publicising this more widely though… could the the launch of the decade in my book. Can’t wait!

  8. Charlotte Says:


    I really love these. Thanks for the tip.

    Basically for me, if it’s french it scores points, if it’s lineny style it scores more, if it’s old in style it scores more. So this is a high scoring range. Thank you!!

    (Obviously for me, I would need a rabbit to be involved in the design for maximum points!!)


  9. I LOVE everything on here – want it all!
    Thanks so much for posting and for the lovely today we’re loving Gypsy Rose…!


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