Sulpher, so good

August 26, 2010

Sulpher is a chemical element with the atomic number 16. It’s an abundant multivalent non-metal, and it smells like rotten eggs. It also happens to be the key colour in the HOTTEST combo for autumn/winter 2010: sulpher yellow, charcoal grey and dirty teal…as illustrated PERFECTLY by the new Ferm Living collection:

I love all the geometric prints around this season – and did you spot those ceramic chemistry flask bottles? SIGH. Science-chic. It was my least favourite subject (on a par with Maths, natch) at school, yet now I am obsessed with the equipment. Oh, the irony. If only the acne-troubled me of the past had had the sense to put some beakers aside for future styling purposes, instead of spending the entire time trying to sneak in to Marylin’s night club.

Sulpher, charcoal and teal is all very lovely, but you don’t have to stick to the three big cheeses – mix things up with a bit of brown here and there, a splash of pale baby pink and some pale aqua blue…this is SUCH a flexible and, quite frankly, lickable palette!

These colours look so good with retro furniture. Loving the chunky knitted log baskets / bowls below, too. – Ellie

10 Responses to “Sulpher, so good”

  1. Felicity Says:

    Wow, this is such a stunning post – you’ve just helped me to decorate my living room! I have grey walls and was wondering what colours to accessorise with.

    Thanks so much Ellie xxx

  2. Debby Says:

    Lovely blog.

    I love that sulpher colour too, even though I’m not a great yellow lover. I just sourced a piece of 1950’s fabric in the same combination and made a cushion cover out of it. And I’m obsessed with grey at the moment too having recently painted a small study in dark charcoal and an accent wall in the kitchen.

  3. Lucy A Says:

    I love that colour combo! Its so striking and adaptable, and like Debby said, so 1950s, which makes it even better. But you can style it to look all sorts of different periods, really.

  4. SE Says:

    I love yellow color.I really appreciate your color combination.This post is really great help for those who want to decorate their room.

  5. Jo Says:

    That is such a good combination!

  6. Thanks to the ever on-the-case Home Shopping Spy for this image montage. My own plans include covering my 50s sofa with charcoal grey!

  7. saf affect Says:

    I love this combo. So much so it’s the colour scheme of my blog and my twitter page! Now I just need to apply it in my home. 🙂

  8. Richard Says:

    Please can you tell me where to buy (or who manufactures) the chunky knitted baskets?
    Many thanks

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