EXCLUSIVE: Kirstie Allsopp launches her own collection

September 22, 2010

And there was me thinking we were supposed to be knitting our own home accessories for our lovely, eco-friendly, credit-crunch-busting, recycled  Homemade Homes. But clearly that’s SO 2009.

Kirstie Allsopp is about to launch a range of country-style home accessories. Here’s a sneak preview…

If this floats your boat, it’s going to be in House of Fraser shops from this October. A double duvet cover will be £60 and a pair of pillowcases will be £18.95. Now, where are my knitting needles?…  – Ellie

4 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Kirstie Allsopp launches her own collection”

  1. Siany Says:

    Oh. It’s all a little bit 2009 isn’t it? There’s nothing exciting here at all. Aren’t we done with writing mundane slogans on everything?

    People will lap this up, but I can’t help feeling a bit bored by it.

  2. Julie B Says:

    Another celebrity homewares collection? I suppose technically Kirsty Allsopp has closer link with interiors than, say Kylie Minogue. Can’t help agreeing with Siany that I do feel like I have seen this somewhere before though…

  3. penny Says:

    Doesn’t seem to be anything different to what’s already about. (although if you threw some my way I wouldn’t say no!)

  4. Sam Taylor Says:

    BORING !! LOVED Kirsty’s homemade home – but that was precisely why – it inspired me to make things homemade – now shes gone and exploited it for her own financial gain! Kirsty…. WHY !!!

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