HOT TREND: snow globes

October 27, 2010

I know it’s not winter yet and it’s not exactly snowing. But, the clocks go back this weekend, and the lovely new December issue of Ideal Home has just landed on my desk – so it must be close! ‘Shake it like a Polaroid picture’ – snow globes are all the rage. Snow joke. Groan.

This new A3 Papermash print is by Clare Owen – who did a Paris one last year. They’re really sweet:

Kitsch woodland creatures in snow globes can be found at the lovely Lapin and Me

…while Mary Fellows (AKA Pintuck) has been busy screen-printing romantic snow globe prints:

Head to Laura Ashley for snow globe Christmas tree decorations (in a month or so, it’s still a tad early, surely?!) and you’ll find a stylish snow globe photo frame at Dwell. Illustrator Charlotte Farmer is a snow globe fan…

Charlotte’s ‘Shake it’ tea towel is available at New House Textiles. I like the King Kong one the best! – Ellie

6 Responses to “HOT TREND: snow globes”

  1. Seriously, I want one of each. I LOVE snow globes – was devastated when my cousin’s child smashed my clsasy New York snow globe from ABC Carpet & Home. Thanks for mentioning Papermash!

  2. The King Kong one is my favourite too!

  3. lynn-anne Says:

    i love these . . . saw a bunch of not quite so sweet ones in target this morning —

  4. Louise Says:

    Love those pictures by Clare Owen, especially that Paris one x

  5. snow globe Says:

    There are some offbeat snow globes at, also beautiful snowglobe kits

  6. snowdomes Says:

    Wow! I really love the Charlotte Farmer artwork. So fun.

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