BONE china

October 6, 2010

Just called my boyfriend. I’m going to be late. Because I’m obsessed with these skeleton plates…

In the wonderful MacabRE section of the RE shop, is this set of six skeleton plates. Do you want to eat your peas off a pelvis? Scrape your sauce from a sternum? Cut your cod on a clavicle? Well, now you can. Mwah ha ha haaa.

Just in time for Halloween, but pretty darn cool at any time of year. – Ellie

HOT SHOP: Tillie Mint

October 5, 2010

Today our style radar picked up these little treasures…

…hand-painted weather-proof wooden house number plaques from Lancashire-based shop, Tillie Mint.

Some of the patterns are a little bit Amy Butler, some of them are very New House Textiles. All of them are very pretty and much more interesting than a plain number plaque. – Ellie

Last weekend, I went to Ella Doran‘s lovely little shop on Cheshire Street to check out Fumie Shimoji’s exhibition of photos from his new Edition Paumes book, London Family Style. Here’s ceramicist Lubna Chowdhary and illustrator Nick Higgins in their airy home…

My passion for Paumes books cannot be quenched. Yes, they’re in Japanese and I can’t understand a word. But that adds to their overall cool-ness, as we’ve established on here before. You can buy them direct from Paumes, or from Ella Doran’s shop, or Bodie and Fou (Karine Kong’s home is featured in the new book).

Now, THAT’s a dog. This happy home belongs to clothing designer Nicole Frobusch and Paul Winter-Hart, drummer for the band Kula Shaker. Govinda jaya jaya. Ah, that takes me back to what is affectionately referred to as my ‘Ying-Yang-necklace-joss-stick-inhalation’ phase. Sigh.

I love this shot of designer Rosa Wiland and her daughter:

The homes in this book are not owned by the rich and famous – these are spaces inhabited by creative, interesting, arty people who have used imagination and style to create warm, quirky, cosy places to live. There are lots of ‘ideas to steal’, and plenty of gorgeous rooms to ogle, but the homes are not overly styled or unrealistically perfect – they’re full of colour, clutter and love. – Ellie

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