November 4, 2010

It launches a week today, but we’ve tracked down the spring/summer H&M Home collection to bring you an exclusive preview! It’s really cheered me up on this grey November day…

Check. Out. This. Bed linen. The colours are so gorgeous, I had to pop to the Dulux website to create a matching springtime palette. Delicious. This colour combo reminds me of Mulberry’s Sobrani design – see the H&M cushion bottom right and the Mulberry one bottom left! (FYI: The H&M one is £2.99. The Mulberry one is £100.)

Elsewhere in this collection, there are doormats…

Beautiful bed linen sets…

Cute botancial and zigzag cushions…

Towels and bath mats with a vintage look…

Fun vegetable table runners and tea towels (perhaps it’s because of my new allotment, but these have got me VERY excited!)…

And lots of other lovely little things such as storage containers, tea-themed and floral tea towels and vintage-style table runners to die for…

Eee by gum, there’s nowt like a new collection. On Tuesday, we checked out the new Oxford Street H&M Home store (at 174 Oxford Street if you’re in London) – well worth a visit. The system in-store is a bit like Argos – you collect little magnetic photos of the products you want as you go round the store, and stick them to a magnetic board (your shopping trolley) then collect your goods at the till when you pay. Genius! – Ellie

11 Responses to “PREVIEW: H&M Home SPRING 2011”

  1. JulieB Says:

    I confess I was a tad disappointed by H&M’s first home collection, but this seems much more promising!

  2. whatkatiedoes Says:

    Nice! I just ordered some plain grey linen-look bedding from H&M that’s lovely quality for the very low price tag.

  3. How funny, I just went there today + just blogged about it too – I don’t have the benefit of foresight like you but I thought it wasn’t too bad!

  4. Will Says:

    The zigzag set would look great, but the concern of looking at that all the time comes out. I think the bright colors cause happiness. Should take over the whole “earth tone” designs.

  5. Exclusive images and a detailed explanation of just how in heavens the ordering system works, from our friend Homeshoppingspy…

  6. Katie Says:

    very nice!! I actually prefer the H&M design to the Mulberry one, but with things like soft furnishings, it is all about the feel…

  7. I’m with you on the vegetable table runners and tea towels – HELLO! They remind me of Claudia Pearson’s Illustrations, which is not a bad thing. Delicious. Excuse the terrible pun!

  8. katie kirby Says:

    Oh I like the bath mats!

  9. Ruby Rogers Says:

    I really like the blue stripy bed linen in this post. The h&m home stuff is also really great.

  10. mikasaestukasa Says:

    Hi Ellie,
    Great post! I was also a bit disappointed when I went to the shop for the first time. They haven’t got a big selection or variety; but against my suspicions, it didn’t look cheap at all!
    On top of that their materials are original and colourful.

    Love the blog, so I will definitely be coming back regularly!


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