Doctor, Doctor

November 8, 2010

At the Cath Kidston spring/summer press show last week, I spotted this brand new retro First Aid tin, which will be available early next year.

The cartoons all seem to be First Aid related – apart from the football picture bottom left. But perhaps there is about to be a terrible Eduardo da Silva style accident!? The style of the cartoons reminds me a bit of the classic NO PETTING sign that used to be to in all public swimming pools during the 70s and 80s…

…which you can buy in poster and tea towel form at Pedlars these days. Lots of shops sell cute First Aid kits and tins – here’s a HomeShoppingSpy round up to save you shopping around:

1 = Slate tin, £16, Garden Trading. 2 = Keep Calm and Carry On Kit, £10, John Lewis. 3 = First Aid Tin, £7.95, Dotcomgiftshop.

4 = Retro Medicine Cabinet, £35, Rose and Grey. 5 = Vintage Beano Wild & Wolf First Aid Kit, £9.95, John Lewis. 6 = Ladybird First Aid Kit, £9.99, The Gifted Penguin. 7 = Pharmacie First Aid kit, £16, Debenhams. 8 = First Aid Box, £13.95, The Chic Country Home at

9 = Gisela Graham First Aid Box, £13.95, ToysandInteriors. 10 = Large Red Medical Storage Box, £29.99, The Contemporary Home. 11 = White First Aid Box, £22, All Up and On. 12 = Emergency Tin, £2.95, Dotcomgiftshop.

13 = Premier Secours Medicine Cabinet, £39, The Holding Company. 14 = Medicine Cabinet, £90, Country Cream. 15 = Medicine Cabinet, £50, Graham and Green. 16 = Thomas Eriksson Cross Medicine Cabinet, £595, Design Shop UK. Ouch! That’s a painful price! Let’s soothe the sting with this ‘get the look for less’ cross tin from Store, instead…

Nice to see this tin in it’s natural habitat here before it was captured and tamed. What’s with the ‘in-the-wild’ photography?! I suppose if you’re a scout or something…

I found a lovely vintage First Aid box (very similar to the one above) at a car boot sale for 50p recently! It contains some 1940s First Aid instructions, old bandages (not used!) and some wartime Air Raid advice pamphlets. It’s got much more character than the ice cream tub I used to store plasters in! – Ellie

8 Responses to “Doctor, Doctor”

  1. Katie Says:

    I think I’d go for the Keep Calm and Carry On one!

  2. Sadie Carey Says:

    I really liked all of the first aid boxes that you posted, I thought that they were really cute and really funny. There are luurvly little bits and bobs at Heals, if you have not seen them already.

  3. Nathalie Says:

    haha! they’re all so cute. if i were still a little girl, i wouldn’t be able to wait to use it. if i didn’t a little cut or burn, i would gladly help the process along. well, actually, i would still totally do that…

  4. great picks, I bought a cute one at the Merci store in Paris and love it!

  5. wow that’s the a lot of First Aid boxes! I really love the one you found at the car boot sale! Which ones are you going to in London?

    Could you send me the details of the photographic courses you were thinking of when you get a chance please. many thx

  6. LOL! That public swimming pool poster is a real blast from the past. I had totally forgotten about it eventhough I used to see it every week for years during my school swimming lessons. Love it!

  7. katie kirby Says:

    Cath Kidson can do no wrong!!!

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