Old school RULES

November 16, 2010

Typing like a woman possessed today, frantically trying to finish features. I pause briefly, to bring you news of this stunning recycled ruler lampshade  (designed by Rory Dobner and spotted in Roost Living‘s upcoming spring/summer 2011 range)…

I bought a load of old rulers at a junk shop recently – and now perhaps they’ll have a purpose in life again. I’m sure my PVA attempts wouldn’t be a patch on the one above though! Vintage rulers, if you like ’em, are available at shops such as Present and Correct and on ye olde eBaye of course, as well as at a car boot sale near you…

Boston-based Malcolm Studio upcycles vintage advert rulers into smart storage boxes…

…while the home-owners on the US cover of the new Decorate book (by writer Joanna Copestick and blogger Holly Becker of Decor8 fame) prop vintage metre sticks up in the corner of their lovely living room:

I won’t dwell on this, but I much prefer the US cover to the UK one! Even the fonts are nicer on the US one! Sigh. Right, I’ve gotta dash. Skirting boards to paint – oh, the glamour! – Ellie

4 Responses to “Old school RULES”

  1. I just so happen to have a collection of old wooden school rulers that have been waiting for the right project to come along.. et voila!!

  2. Ali Says:

    I thought exactly the same thing about the covers.

  3. kirsty Says:

    It is amazing what you can create from old wooden rulers, inspirational!

  4. Nathalie Says:

    the wooden rulers are just brilliant. they create such fabulous texture!

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