HOT SHOP: La Cerise Sur Le Gateau

November 18, 2010

Mon dieu, Paris-based textile designer Anne Hubert has been busy of late. If you haven’t encountered her work before (you might have spotted her Eiffel Tower tea towel and Bambi cushion at Rockett St George without realising it was from her studio…), you need to. As soon as possible.

Anne first came to my attention when she wrote ‘Customiser‘ (or ‘The Left Bank Look‘ as it was re-named for English speakers,) – a gorgeous collection of craft projects. Anne’s styling is so quirky and amusing – tea towels have never been so much fun! I love her new products, too – particularly the Moustache cushion. It’s genius:

La Cerise Sur Le Gateau (charmingly translated as ‘The Sherry On The Cake’ on the website – all the best cake contains sherry as well as cherry I find) has such a wonderful array of lovely things, all shot in such an imaginative way. I think it could become one of my favourite shops…

I’m loving the whole put-shoes-on-chair-legs thang. Instant anthropomorphisation. Tasty.

This last shot really is the cherry on the cake:

Mmm. Le lapin. Mon plat préféré. – Ellie


9 Responses to “HOT SHOP: La Cerise Sur Le Gateau”

  1. Great article Ellie! All the best, Helena

  2. Will Says:

    This is totally rockin’ my little yellow socks off! I have to agree, that Moustache cushion is such fun. Plus, the styling is spot on. Thanks for the intro, Ellie.

  3. Subbing, Rabbit-loving Charlotte Says:

    Free the lapin! Otherwise, ahhh, all so lovely!

    • homeshoppingspy Says:

      Yes, apologies to all vegetarians. Thought some people might feel that way. But I can assure you no real rabbits were harmed in the blogging of this post. 🙂 x

  4. mydesignchic Says:

    All so cute…thanks for sharing!!

  5. love the tea towels but it’s the cute little bunny that’s caught my eye!!

  6. Nicola Says:

    Love the chair with boots! What a lovely whimsical collection. Thanks

  7. riseart Says:

    Love the tea towels and the photographs – what an excellent post and discovery! Thank you guys for sharing, you are doing an excellent job!

  8. maddy Says:

    La Ceriseis alos available at Lapin & Me – big selection….it’s GORGEOUS

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