Primark Home. Oh yeah.

November 23, 2010

Hear ye this here, good citizens of blog world: there aren’t many places where you can find a funky cushion for under a fiver. But. Le Primarche, AKA Primarni, AKA the-shop-where-you-can-buy-a-pair-of-French-Sole-style-ballet-pumps-for-four-quid-OK-they’re-plastic-but-who-care’s-they’re-FOUR-QUID has finally begun to up its game, homeware-wise. And about time too.

This ‘Parisian’ postcard cushion (which seems to have taken a rather round-the-globe route, but let’s not nit pick) is pretty darn cool. And it’s just £3.50. Yes, you heard correctly. THREE POUNDS AND FIFTY PENCE.

This handsome chap costs just £6. Which ain’t much when you consider there are similar cushions elsewhere for £129!

These knitted hot water bottle covers are just £4 each (cute for Christmas presents! Just hide the label…) while the ‘London’ and ‘Floral Woman’ cushions are £3.50 each. Pop to Primark now to fight your way through the crowds (literally) to nab these bargains – I don’t think they’ll be on the shelves for long. But if you miss out, just remember, there will always be a million of those famous ‘faux fur throws’ to choose from. Ah, yes. – Ellie


11 Responses to “Primark Home. Oh yeah.”

  1. Will Says:

    What with H&M Home and now Primarni, I’m going to spending all my coffee money on cushions instead of Caramel Macchiatos. 1-Nil to accessories shopping!

  2. oh no, what with Ikea and now Primark, there’s no hope for us small boutiques!! I am a HUGE fan of Primark though and credit to them, they do gorgeous stuff at ridiculous prices. Not sure I’d buy all my house accessories from there, but things like cushions and throws, which can be changed often are definitely a good idea.

    Love the Parisian postcard cushion by the way!

  3. Mrs M Says:

    Cute, I’ve never thought of Primark for home stuff before!

  4. Ingrid Says:

    Love the cushions – thanks so much for the tip.
    I have sent my shopping buddy off to find them for me as I have no Primark in China!
    I x

  5. martha brown Says:

    That stag/flag cushion is amazing! Wish we had that store here in Canada!

  6. Susan Amos Says:

    I’m a long time fan I must say! I got many a cushion and throw here for several houses while I was a student; it’s cheap but quite stylish. The new range looks great!

  7. omg excited, getting converse on…grabbing credit card! xxx

  8. maddy Says:

    uhmm amazing prices, but at what cost for some of us….. i have never been a primark fan …

  9. Danielle Benson Says:

    I nipped into Primark on Friday and I wasn’t impressed with the quality, while you can’t argue with the cheap price, they did look quite cheap, especially the postcard ones. There were some full Union Flag Cushions for a about £9 which looked alright .

  10. Megan Says:

    I guess you pay for what you get. But if you combine cheap things with more expensive / better quality items you can get a good look on a budget.

  11. Tuba Says:

    I just bought 3 cushions today, love them!! thanks for letting me know. I bought one union jack cushion and it’s almost the same pattern as this bag which I crave to buy 🙂

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