Going green (with envy)

November 24, 2010

If I had a home office (which I don’t – unless you count a lap top on the dining table…) it could (in an alternative universe or a parallel dimension) look a little bit like THIS:

This is the new ‘Forest Falls’ green paint colour from Dulux‘s spring/summer 2011 palette, and it’s GORGEOUS! Especially with a bit of fuchsia pink in front of it. Mmmm.

The desk is painted in ‘Kiwi Burst’. Two greens should never be seen…except here. Delicious!

I love this idea of painting a ‘shelf’ and a ‘lamp’ on the wall – great if you’re short of space! The owl cushion in this shot is from Donna Wilson, and the Thomas Paul plates can be found at Supernice.

Here, ‘Spring Breeze’ yellow and ‘Forest Falls’ green create a colourful dining room.

The case of the chameleon cabinet. What a great trick to make colourful accessories and bright flowers really pop. Love it. – Ellie

One Response to “Going green (with envy)”

  1. These shots look so lovely, but not sure I could live with the vibrancy every day. Might give me a headache if I had a hangover!

    Did you meet the Dulux dog? I hear he put in an appearance at the press show…

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