NEW Kenneth Cole at House of Fraser

January 27, 2011

Pour yourself an Americano. Start spelling colour: color. Let’s fantasise about a New York loft apartment this afternoon…with exposed brickwork, industrial-style pendant lights and gorgeous painterly-yet-urban accessories. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the new Kenneth Cole New York Home collection for House of Fraser. It’s launching today and available in-store this April. And it’s a winner.

I love this striking Madison bed linen, but my favourite item is the stunning Soho pendant, £60. It’s a large factory-style spindle-topped pendant light in a dark navy almost-black glossy finish, but with a scarlet red interior. It’s the interiors equivalent of the Louboutin shoe – with a cheeky red flash that’s OH-SO-CHIC! I’m also digging the red coloured cable –  generally you buy coloured cable by the metre and then faff about, but this high street honey comes ready-wired with fittings so it’s easy peasy. Which has got to be a good thing. (I have to apologise for the dreadful photo of this lamp by the way; it’s an iPhone special, that’s for sure, but you get the idea!)

Elsewhere in the collection you’ll find elegant creased-effect tableware, geometric brickwork patterns on cushions and plenty of sleek furniture…

…the framed slogan prints are pretty cool, too. – Ellie


4 Responses to “NEW Kenneth Cole at House of Fraser”

  1. The large windows and exposed brickwork…I don’t think my landlord would be impressed though…I’ll settle for the pendants then 😉 Great design. xo

  2. decor8 Holly Says:

    Hi Ellie!
    I tried to email you but it bounced (I used the email addy on your biz card). Can you email me so I can reply, please? Thanks so much – I am at:


  3. onagracenote Says:

    I like the splashes of red especially against the brickwork and the black/grey(?) furniture.

  4. jen Says:

    I absolutely love the duvet, where can i get it???

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