March 3, 2011

London Fashion Week sealed the deal (well, I’ll be honest, Burberry Prorsum did a lumberjack jacket and I spotted a bit of sheepskin here and there but HEY humour me…) The new antlers: cow skulls. The new denim: erm, double denim. The hottest trend on the horizon: the wild wild west…

The words: ‘prairie’, ‘ranch’ and ‘moo’ are being muttered, nay, whispered in the hallowed circles of Those Who Are Fashionable. Think leather chairs with North American rugs (Fun on the Floor), ceramic cacti ‘objets’, dahling, silver cow skulls (Dwell), cow-hide accessories (Tesco and, well, everyone else), leather, gingham and ‘Broke Back’ checks…giddy up, cowboy, yeeeee haaaaa!

Oh, bless her with her little furry cow hat. I never thought I’d go there, but mugs with gun handles (Dwell and Play) and cactus candles (Penelope Tom) might even qualify for this one. It pains me, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Moo. – Ellie

(Carpet shown in top pic: Abingdon Trojan Stone, £7.99 per sq m, Fun on the Floor.)

One Response to “HOT TREND: WILD WEST”

  1. Already loving the wild west theme at home. Cowskin rug and plaid all over the place! I love those little ceramic cacti.

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