NEW: Make your own rabbit lamp

April 1, 2011

Are you a fan of the kitsch bunny rabbit lamps sold at the likes of Liberty and Caravan?

Well, now you can create your own at home, quickly and easily. We love the new GLOW™ pills (available from all good supermarkets), which taste like lettuce and use OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology – inspired by the fluorescent proteins in glowing jellyfish – to slowly make a real pet rabbit glow. Simply feed your rabbit four pills a day for a week and in no time at all you’ll have your own mobile glowing bunny lamp. Great on the patio for al fresco dining – or shove it in a vase and use it as a striking table centrepiece…

There are currently four colours available in the collection – orange, green, red or blue. At the launch party, where we nibbled carrot canapés and dandelion leaves, I saw a gorgeous Royal Wedding themed display with a troupe of red and blue glowing bunnies, trained to form the letters: ‘WC’ – like a gigantic toilet symbol. The makers of the pills assured me that there are no negative side effects for the rabbits involved – apart from a little fur loss, insomnia, and occasional fits. Rumour has it that the next step could be pills for larger mammals such as dogs, cats, and even deer. Gorgeous! – Ellie

9 Responses to “NEW: Make your own rabbit lamp”

  1. Esca Rose Says:

    Please god, tell me you’re being sarcastic!

  2. david miller Says:

    I’m in Finland so I could I do this with a reindeer?? I love the idea it has brightened my day. Thank you for your great blog!

  3. sarah Says:

    Please be foolin’ or else I may have to head for the hills clutching as many bunnies as possible and go live out a hermits life with a brood of un-glowing fluffy things….

  4. Ann w Says:

    that is the BEST April Fools joke ever. wish it was true, I could imagine ALL the young boys would have to give the tablets a try.

  5. Haha! April fools perhaps?! 😉

  6. maddy Says:

    just to mention….pink neon lapin available at Lapin & Me

  7. Matthew Says:

    Love the April Fool, I actually fell for it for a minute!


  8. Benjamin Says:

    Wow! The glowing citron green one is quite bright! Holy smokes!

  9. Isa Says:

    And if you want more fun, go on
    you will see that if you feed them with money, you could have a silver rabbit lamp!

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