HOT SHOP: Betsy Jarvis

April 4, 2011

Back to the realms of reality today, (the bunny pills post was an April Fool so I hope the animal rights activists stop emailing me now. I love rabbits…) time to take a little trip to rural Lincolnshire, to a vintage emporium: Betsy Jarvis. Think linen. Think typography. Think dictionary definitions printed on grain-sack cushions and ‘Larder Labels’ tied to Kilner jars (even though they are generally see-through) with rustic string…

As a Sacks Addict, of course I like these industrial-chic cushions with definitions of words such as NEST, LOVE, COSY and PLUMP…

Elsewhere there are pretty Paris-inspired designs, accessories made using old advertisements for intriguing products such as Crab Apple Blossom perfume, and elegant heart decorations. Check it out. – Ellie

8 Responses to “HOT SHOP: Betsy Jarvis”

  1. mikasaestukasa Says:

    Absolutely love them. I am going to get one… or two 😉

  2. Isabel Says:

    The cushions are so beautiful!
    Thanks for the links Ellie

  3. matildarum Says:

    I love these…. absolutely charming, the typography cushions are simply stunning!

  4. Frances Says:

    As a Lincolnshire lass (though sadly long since departed for the big smoke), I’m thrilled to see such a gorgeous, local shop. Will definitely buy something if just for that ‘handmade in Lincoln’ label! Thanks so much for this post.

  5. I have admired these for sometime on folksy and will have to treat myself soon

  6. Elaine Says:

    I bought a couple of Betsy Jarvis cushions as Christmas presents and found it very hard to part with them. They are so well made and beautifully eye-catching. So lovely to see them, and other Betsy Jarvis items, featured here. Elaine, Ellie’s Treasures

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