April 20, 2011

Bee-hold: the latest trend to hit the high street. I’ve bee-n flying about, keeping buzz-y, finding this season’s must-hive buys (groan, groan). But, to bee or not to bee? That is the question…

Let’s kick things off with this cute Honeycomb print from The Spotted Sparrow. (It’s well worth having a peep at The Spotted Sparrow’s card collection while you’re at it – 80s song lyrics combined with Victorian newspapers. Nice.)

Designers are buzzing about hexagonal honeycomb patterns, bee motifs and golden honey colours. (I can’t bee-lieve I get paid to write this.)

1 = Honeycomb pendant light, Dwell. 2&3 = Honeycomb patterned table lamp and votive, M&S. 4 = Bee cushion, Dwell. 5 = Vintage print, Roost Living. 6 = Tea cosy, The Gifted Penguin.

7 = Honeycomb chair, Next. 8 = Hexagonal wall stickers, Ferm Living.

My dad’s a bee keeper, so I asked him for some honey (as usual) and an insider quote about this important trend. “Buzz off…” he said, “…with your trend-related nonsense, and stop stealing ‘vintage’ things from our house.” – Ellie

7 Responses to “HOT TREND: BEES”

  1. I need that honeycomb chair in my life!

  2. I’m in love with the Honeycomb print from The Spotted Sparrow and that Dwell cushion… OH MY!!

  3. We agree! There’s some real beauties there! Here’s one of ours

  4. love the way this collection is put together. who would have thought you could find SO MUCH inspiration from Bees. Very nice!

  5. Loving this bee trend! I always love products with Bee’s on, I think I like the geometric shape the honeycomb makes, combined with the bold black and yellow plus the cute bees – of course! Courtney Khail does beautiful hand drawn stationary – her bumble bee design is my favorite!

  6. Clare Pirie Says:

    This made me laugh – great puns. I love your picks and the way you write about them….

  7. Bianca Says:

    I find it hard to bee-lieve that your dad made such a stinging remark ! I love all these things – they are so bee-utiful. Must fly……

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