Little drawers

May 6, 2011

Are what I wear on a Friday night…

I’m actually talking about apothecary chests. Or haberdashery shop storage units. Teeny tiny drawers all labelled and vintage and LOVELY. I spotted the huge one above on my travels recently – complete with original German labels. ‘Watte’ apparently means cotton wool, so I presume this was originally in a chemist’s shop, but it’s being used to store tea nowadays. ‘Oh, where can one buy such a thing?’, I hear you cry…

You can find beautiful antique originals at The Old Cinema – the top one shown here is a vintage 1930s treasure. Beautiful. But, how can you ‘get the look’ when your budget is, well, less than £2000? You could head to John Lewis (bottom right) for cute numbered drawers with a galvanised zinc case for £60, or to your local HomeSense (bottom left), where little four-drawer units start at just £14.99 each! Here’s my lovely new HomeSense one, with labels I made using a Muji stamp set:

This brings me conveniently on to my next post, entitled: The Joy of HomeSense (OR, Where To Find An Angora Throw For Eight English Pounds, No, Really).  – Ellie

6 Responses to “Little drawers”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I lurve these little chests. I wish I had a lifesize replica pharmacy/haberdashery in my house to play in.

  2. Gaelle Says:

    God I’m obsessed with little drawers. These are fab. I’ve got several Searches saved on eBay for haberdashery/post office/chemist cabinets… Pigeon hole units are also another one of my current fads… Sigh

  3. God I love HomeSense! They are great!

  4. Oh I picked up a nice set of six doors at a car boot sale for €3.00 have a look

    I have taken all the handles off since and cleaned them and revarnished it

    All things nice…

  5. the link is wrong for HomeSense but found it ;D Can’t believe I didn’t know about this wonderful shop and one near me, better watch the purse strings! Fab find!

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