HOT SHOP: Willow & Stone

May 31, 2011

Do you have a ‘Hamster Vorace’ or a ‘Lapin Lunatique’? Well, now you can warn people about your crazy pets with a French sign from lovely mail order shop, Willow and Stone!
Even if your pets are relatively sane, there’s plenty to amuse you. You’ll find antique glass bottles, cute buttons, vintage packaging for dried peas and beautiful buys from stockists such as Cavallini (bird wrapping paper / poster for £3!) and Price’s (retro candles). Based in Falmouth harbour, Cornwall, Willow and Stone is run by former Lassco antiques dealer Sarah Willshaw and her artist husband, Nick Williams. The accessories and gifts are gorgeous…

…but it’s the ironmongery that’s got me excited. Sad, I know. But if you’re renovating a house and looking for authentic period door furniture, this is the place to go. Rim locks, sash window catches, letter plates, door bells, finger plates, bolts, house number plaques, drawer pulls and escutcheons – it’s all here. If only I could say the word ‘escutcheon’…

Lovely knobs and knockers. (Apologies for tacky Carry On pun, but I had to include it to boost the Search Engine Optimisation. You’d be surprised.) – Ellie

2 Responses to “HOT SHOP: Willow & Stone”

  1. sheena Says:

    Some lovely pieces here I agree with you the ironmongery can really transform the end look

  2. There’s a shop in Dublin (where I’m from) called Knobs & Knockers. That’s exactly what they sell, in fact. They’ve been there almost my whole life but I was quite mortifyingly old when the pun suddenly dawned on me…

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