NEW BOOK: My Cool Campervan

June 1, 2011

Today, I’ve got campervan envy, BIG TIME…

Just out in the UK, My Cool Campervan (published by Pavilion) is the new book from the My Cool Caravan duo, Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon. Tina Hillier’s photography is top notch, and the team has managed to find an amazing array of quirky campervans and campervan owners…think patchwork quilts, fold-out formica tables and fish and chips beside the seaside…

Oh, how I would LOVE a campervan. (And a bell tent, actually, but that’s a separate ongoing eBay search.) My favourite van in the book has got to be this fully-carpeted 1960s super-sleek pad:

Avocado green upholstery, walnut tables and rotating chairs? Yeah, baby, yeah!

As well as exploring the retro interiors and campervanning characters, there are some beautiful shots that show the real attraction of life in a van. Yes, apparently there’s more to it than sewing little curtains out of vintage fabrics and playing house with thermos flasks. It’s about the call of the wild – the open road – freedom – and being at one with nature, maan. Sigh.

Retro interiors fodder combined with escapist adventures – what more do you want from a book? – Ellie

7 Responses to “NEW BOOK: My Cool Campervan”

  1. Rin Says:

    Oh my goodness, all I can say is: WANT!!!

  2. Sian Says:

    LOVE. I’ve got a bit of a thing about Campervans and cool caravan type things. Especially the Lovestruck, which was a horse box in a former life:

  3. I cannot convince the other half that we need a caravan or camper in our life! Don’t see how he could resist if he seen these pics! xx

  4. Emma MT Says:

    Ooo ooo. Oooo. I want, I want, I want, but I want gets nothing – especially you’re married to my husband. Oh well. I’ll just stick to dreaming of a Cath Kidston filled campervan instead!

  5. Simonf Says:

    There’s something impossibly snug and cosy about the inside of a campervan/caravan/motor home. And I’ve often fancied taking off across Europe in one of those v-dub campers. I think I’m turning avocado-green with envy!

  6. nicole Says:

    Bit late to this post but I have just had some Camper Van and Beach Hut Postcards printed please have a look at

  7. Molly Says:

    Love this make me want to go somewhere!

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