NEW Muji buys

June 14, 2011

Ah, Muji. Land of little orderly Japanese plastic bottles for decanting things in to and elegant bamboo bowls in organised, regimental rows. This is the kind of shop I’d love to be tidy enough to shop in. For scatty hoarders such as myself, it represents an unachievable, minimalist dream; The sensible yet stylish slippers, the elegant storage solutions, the useful but chic travel accessories. Everything neat and lovely. Just walking through the shop door makes me feel calm and organised! Of course, the stationery is always a highlight, as anybody who has collected the 3D box city skyline cards will know. Check out these new postcards from Muji – £3.50 for three. They’re blank and covered with transparent sticky film, so you can create your own personalised cards using souvenirs picked up on your travels such as maps, flowers and tickets. O to the M to the G.

I also love the new aeroplane and bus envelope and card sets from Muji, which have little windows for you to draw your own passengers in…

You could even cut out a small photo of a friend’s face, then cut out their favourite celebs from magazines and create a personalised A-list VIP birthday flight! This could work well with kids’ favourite cartoon characters, too, or the faces of your whole family at Christmas? Oooooh, the possibilities are endless! I also like this cute clock memo pad from the new range:

Does anybody know what this memo says? Answers on a (preferably personalised) postcard, please. – Ellie

5 Responses to “NEW Muji buys”

  1. Mochasarah Says:

    I had to smile when I read your description of Muji 😉 It’s a great shop – you can’t but help feel calm when you walk in there. I bought one of their chic travel toiletry bags last year – it’s got to be the best one I’ve ever had.

  2. That clock memo pad is a great, fun idea! I love MUJI too, but I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from there. I’m like you – I kind of feel like if I bought any of the storage products, I’d have to use them, and I just know I wouldn’t be able to keep it up so I’d have an immediate fail!

  3. EmmaMT Says:

    I love Muji. I’m also a collector (okay, horder!) but they have so many great storage things to hide away copious amounts of stuff. I really love their clear magazine files.
    I have the cute, mini wooden London taxi and bus set. It sits on my picture rail in my office. V. V. Cute. I want the London eye next to sit alongside it next.

  4. Helen Finlay Says:

    I just love the clock memo pad, ideal for leaving messages for the family, and great for make sure they remember to do something by a certain time. My kids are always late for things and this would be a great way to keep them on schedule.

  5. Cathy Wang Says:

    the memo: A社と打ち合わせ
    meaning: meeting with the office/company

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