October 10, 2011

Marianne Lamberth was born in Norway. Her mother is Danish. Her father’s Norwegian. She’s married to Andreas – a blond, blue-eyed Swedish chap. It’s fair to say that Marianne couldn’t get much more Scandinavian… Now, the good news for us: Marianne moved to the UK five years ago, and missed Scandinavian homeware so much, that she decided to start Nordic Bliss – her own mail order shop to bring some of the lesser-known Scandi brands to Britain. She and Andreas started work in June (he’s in charge of the business side, she’s the creative force behind the website, the blog and the brand), renting out an extra flat to store the stock in and carefully selecting their favourite Scandi designs.  Nordic Bliss will open this Friday, selling textiles from Swedish labels Shyness and Klippan, and beautiful home accessories from Danish companies such as Hübsch and Madam Stoltz. I’ve had a sneaky preview and it’s well worth a visit… You’ll find chunky knitted cushions and throws, antique-style glass accessories, folk-style buys and Scandi chic galore! It’s all VERY exciting. Nordic Bliss is the latest addition to a veritable smörgåsbord of Scandi shops we’re lucky enough to have in the UK; Gone are the days when I’d flick wistfully through the Bloomingville catalogue, wishing such wonders were within grasp. Now, we’ve got Ferm Living at Heal’s and Cloudberry Living, the House Doctor DK range at Bodie and Fou, the lovely Nordic Elements collection (UK agents for By Nord CopenhagenRoomMateNeon Living and Casalinga) – all just a click away. So so so Scandi-lous. – Ellie 

8 Responses to “HOT SHOP: NORDIC BLISS”

  1. the shop looks lovely, though there seems to be a problem with some of the links not working correctly in this post.

  2. Julie Says:

    So beautiful. Come Friday, that squidgy grey velvet cushion shall be mine.

  3. julie Says:

    Love the Nordic style. It’s so restful and textural. Off to write a wish list from the website.

  4. Love that shade of blue – so wintery. I also want that grey felt storage box just so I can stroke it!

  5. NordicBliss Says:

    It is now up and running 🙂

  6. ooooo, just discovered your blog – its lovely! Just wanted to say I’ll be popping back

  7. Helen Says:

    Love and want all this! Not sure I can afford to read you any more…

  8. Graykaiden Says:

    I have just read your blog, It really looks and informative cool. All furniture images that you are display here is amazing. Thanks for posting. I hope that you will write this kind of blog again.

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