HOT SHOP: Garudio Studiage

December 20, 2010

You want screen-prints made using real Peckham dust? Quirky limited edition plastic carrier bags? Stunning owl lampshades? Flat pets for, erm, flats? There’s only one shop for you, then. The marvellous, magnificent and sometimes rather mental: Garudio Studiage

These ‘Wildlife of London’ tea towels are great. From the ‘Cockroach’ and the ‘Ferral Pigeon’ to the ‘Three-legged fox’ and the ‘Common/Brown rat’, all the old classics are here. Garudio Studiage is a Peckham-based creative collective set up by artists Chris Ratcliffe, Laura Cave, Anna Walsh and Hannah Havana; With individual specialisms in screen printing, jewellery and painting, the group sells quirky and gorgeous products online and at events.

The ‘appropriately glamourous and unpronounceable name’, is derived from the words: ‘Garage studio’ which is where the venture started in 2003, among the ‘sand, stray cats and broken car parts’ of Peckham. How very romantic.

From a ‘Camberhell‘ keyring to a ‘Peckham Palms’ tote bag, the products and the hilarious ‘Photo of the week’ entries gently and lovingly mock south London’s finest shops and streets…

And anyone who’s ever found themselves at a Morley’s, (‘Mmm, it tastes better’. But better than what? Hmmm.) will appreciate the ‘Ham Bag‘ range of glamorous fast food fashion accessories. – Ellie

Having a WHALE of a time

February 4, 2010

Shiver me timbers, Thomas Paul‘s released some fabulous new designs. You’ll find these fantastic Scrimshaw-esque plates in his new collection at Supernice. Apparently, Scrimshaw is an art form traditionally practised by sailors at sea who used whale bone or teeth as canvases for drawing and carving elaborate whaling scenes.

Luckily, Thomas Paul‘s plates are made of dishwasher-safe melamine, not whale bone!

His soft furnishing collection features similarly nautical designs, so you could have your whole house ship-shape in no time. – Ellie

Push ma button

October 6, 2009

Buttons – useful little blighters. And not just for clothes – oh no. There’s a whole wide world of button CP (Crafting Potential) out there, just waiting to be discovered. Rejoice. Unless you’re koumpounophobic. (Word of the day. Possibly word of the year.)

button craftYou could super-glue them to magnets (available from Hobbycraft) and use them to fix notes and photos to the fridge…way more classy than plastic fruit/food magnets, and not as annoying as word/poetry magnets, which: A.) Tempt friends and family to write the rudest sentence they can muster with the given vocabulary. B.)Have a tendency to fall off and get lost in the fluffy depths of the sub-fridge region – and it’s usually the important words such as ‘AND’ that go astray. C.) Are a complete nightmare when you want to clean the fridge door/move house, and you spend half a day picking all the little words off the fridge, only to put them back on again. That way, insanity lies. ANYWAY…back to the buttons…

craft buttonsYou can use buttons to create your own gorgeous artwork. Download the designs here, then use glue to stick on a few buttons for cute-folky-kind-of-homemade-well-they-definitely-ARE-completely-homemade-if-anybody-asks prints.

crafty button fun2Finally, it’s been done before, but it’s always a winner – pick some pretty buttons and tie them to coloured ribbons to make napkin rings. Bitten by the button bug? Wanna buy buttons? Try Claire Grove, Knit and Sew, or The Button Queen. – Ellie

What do you get when you cross a tea towel with a striking tree-themed piece of modern art? A tree towel of course, as designed by Paul Farrell and stocked at Rockett St George. It all looks a bit Blair Witch but it’s the latest trend…


At £60 each, they’re way too posh to actually use when you wash up, but HEY, they look spectacular.  And you could always frame one! Or go for the postcards, which are £13.75 for a pack of six, and frame them instead.


Paul Farrell‘s work is well worth checking out – I love his little bird designs and gorgeous silhouette wall stickers. Seeing his little badges makes me want to buy a badge making machine, £8 from Cox and Cox, and make some with my own designs.


Paul joins Lindsay Marsden AKA The Black Rabbit, John Dilnot and friends in my folder of Great British artists! – Ellie

Iconic British department store Heals is celebrating it’s 200th birthday next year, and the good news is a collection of lovely vintage posters from the Heals archives will be released to mark the occasion. Available as prints, or packs of postcards, these retro adverts are completely and utterly gorgeous!


The prints start at £12, but there are a few limited edition ones which will be £195. The postcards come in a pack of 10 for £6, and would look great in white IKEA frames in a group. – Ellie




Rob Ryan papercuts, Penguin Classics and British Design icons…read on for three fabulously cheap and effective wall art ideas!

penguin_tt_room copy

1: Frame a classic – Buy a retro tea towel such as this Penguin Classics one (£8.95, Bloomsbury Store), then frame it in a simple IKEA Ribba frame (£7.43) for a stylish piece of artwork.

rob ryan

2: Make a designer canvas – This gorgeous Rob Ryan skirt comes in kit form from Clothkits and costs just £36. Instead of making the skirt, buy an inexpensive blank canvas (see Hobbycraft), stretch the printed fabric over it and use a staple gun to fix it at the rear. Rob Ryan’s gorgeous papercuts and screenprints cost hundreds of pounds, so you’ll have the look for less!


3: Display stylish stamps – Order a set of the stunning British Design Classics stamps for £3.90 from Royal Mail. Frame them in a cheap frame (Dunelm Mill has a good selection) and prop it up on your mantelpiece for instant designer style. – Ellie

Check out these new retro slogan prints from our old favourite the Keep Calm Gallery. Being a Grease fanatic, I’ve got my eye on the ‘AWOPBOPALOOBOP AWOPBAMBOOM!’ one…

Picture 25

Picture 26

Picture 27

Picture 23

Picture 24

What an appropriately jolly word for a sunny day like today! – Ellie

Eat cake and carry on…

February 23, 2009

This poster from London-based cupcake bakery, Treacle, caught my eye recently. It’s a cute take on the ‘Keep Calm’ poster, and a motto we live by in the Ideal Home office! If you’re not in London, you can buy this poster framed from Treacle – just give them a call. – Ellie