Ode to cutlery

February 1, 2010

Oh, I do love a Welbeck cutlery tile. Or two. Or four…

Obviously, they’d look fabulous on kitchen walls, or you could just buy a pair (£22), glue felt to their bases and use them as statement coasters.

Check out the ultra-chic new Pied a Terre (yes, the shoe people) Home collection at House of Fraser this spring for stunning black and gold cutlery. It’s SO glamorous – imagine the black cutlery on a crisp white tablecloth with black napkins, Jo Malone candles and elegant white roses – WHAT a look for a decadent dinner party! In reality, my guests have to endure a manky old polka dot oilcloth but HEY. We can dream.

I’m a huge fan of vintage cutlery…no, you can’t put it in the dishwasher. But you can buy it for next to nothing at car boot sales and it looks so lovely:

I’ve admired Tracey Kendall’s cutlery wallpaper for a while now. Let’s treat ourselves to a little peak. Sadly it’s £95, chaps. SIGH.

If you like cutlery, you’ll love these Victorian cutlery catalogue greeting cards from Baileys – they’re nice enough to frame!

And while we’re obsessing about Welbeck tiles…check out the amazing postcard tiles, the vintage household range – and have you seen the gorgeous jelly tiles they do?

I’ve got a bit of a thing for jelly at the moment (!) which started with Thornback and Peel napkins…

From top left, working clockwise: Thornback and Peel jelly napkin; RE jelly mould light fitting; RE rabbit jelly moulds; and my charity shop glass jelly moulds, 99p each, (no expense spent).

And here are some more lovely wibbly wobbly jelly pictures from RE. You’ll find more gorgeous jellies at Bompas & Parr (jelly-mongers!) Right, I’m off to pop some more Nurofen for my lack-of-caffeine-headache. Perhaps I should have phased out coffee gradually rather than going cold turkey?! Alas. We live and learn. – Jelly Ellie

Last year, we all cooed and drooled over the beautiful Recycled Home book from Mark and Sally Bailey at Baileys Home and Garden. I love the pared-down, simple, rustic look of the Baileys’ lovely home…so I was really excited to hear about the launch of their new book, which is due out on 8 October.

TRC184-12-08 JKT 175L CTP:BLAD

Called ‘Simple Home‘, it’ll be £19.99 (Ryland Peters Small) – it’s about choosing items for your home with care and thought – in tune with today’s desire to reject the feverish consumerism of recent years and buy well-made items that last. My review copy has not arrived yet, so here’s a sneak preview from the PR: The book opens with ‘The Philosophy of the Simple Home’. Rescue, repair, reuse and rethink are the guiding principles behind the Baileys design ethos. Chapters cover all aspects of creating comfortable living in a carefully considered space – colours are calm and inspired by nature; shapes are organic and fuss-free, meaning versatile designs that go with everything; materials are reclaimed or recycled, and ethically sourced; craft embraces the artisan’s skill and the pleasure of owning items that will stand the test of time. There’s a ‘Natural Cleaning’ chapter with tips for using old-fashioned materials, and a section called ‘Curating Your Home’, which looks at arranging your cherished collections in different ways: your display space becomes a personal museum, full of things you love.

Picture 11

It sounds fabulous – I can’t wait to see it! I’ll review it properly asap. – Ellie