Well knock me down with a feather! This amazing cuckoo clock looks like a stylish and expensive designer item, but the good news is, it’s not. In fact, it’s from the spring/summer 2010 collection at…wait for it…drum roll…TESCO!

tesco cuckoo clockThat’s right, folks. Supermarket-chic is moving in to a whole new realm of excitement next season…great news if you’re a ‘style on a shoestring’ kinda gal like me! We’ve been sessioning the spring/summer press shows this week, and there are lots of exciting things on the horizon, but I just had to share this sneaky peek with you today! It’s due to hit Tesco Direct in March, for just £45. – Ellie

NEW Rob Ryan tea towel

September 28, 2009

Tra la laaaa… it’s a grey Monday but it’s always a good day when I hear about a Rob Ryan product I can actually afford! This luvverley tea towel from To Dry For has cheered me up no end.

rob ryan tea towelIt’s £9.95, and clearly needs to be framed not used (as discussed before). LOVE it. ‘Nuff said. – Ellie

Putting a single bloom in a vintage milk bottle is the easiest and cheapest way to create a gorgeous floral display. I’ve always yearned for a few nice glass milk bottles, but since our milk now comes in plastic cartons from Waitrose, I thought I’d have to resort to eBay

Pedlars £9.95

Luckily, my in-laws still get milk delivered, so I asked them to bring me some ‘retro’ Dairy Crest milk bottles when they came to stay at the weekend. They think I’m completely mad. But I’ve put peonies in them already and they look stunning! For simple, stylish milk bottles, check out American shop Three Potato Four:

three potato four

Here are some more gorgeous milk bottles for you to feast your eyes on…this is turning in to a milk bottle appreciation post!

milk bottles

Clockwise from top right: Three Potato Four; bottles available on Ebay; The Traditional Flower Company; Real Simple.


I love the vintage milk bottles from Baileys too (above left) – and check out this cute milk bottle shot from a past Ideal Home issue (above right). Decanting milk is always a hassle, but it looks so lovely, it’s well worth the effort! Milk bottle tops are collectors’ items these days, too – I like the retro designs and lettering on them. How cute would these ones look in an IKEA Ribba frame for some bargain artwork?



If you’d like to buy your own vintage-style milk bottle, Dotcomgiftshop has a lovely one with a glass stopper for £16.95. Check out the huge collection on Kenneth Keith‘s website, too. There are hundreds to browse through, but I don’t think his collection is for sale sadly…


If you don’t have milk delivered, but want to display flowers in bottles, Belvoir fruit cordial bottles are perfect, too, and iced tea bottles from Holland and Barrett also look lovely. Here’s a snap I took recently in my dining room, with a peony in an old Belvoir bottle. It’s a ‘recessionista’ display! – Ellie

001 peonies


I’m a huge fan of these stunning new wallpaper designs from Focus – and an even bigger fan of their Credit-Crunch-tastic tiny price tags!

Sara Green, £9.99 per roll, Focus

Sara Green, £9.99 per roll, Focus

Mode Elinor Gold, £16.99 per roll, Focus

Mode Elinor Gold, £16.99 per roll, Focus

Cherish Fresh Green, £14.99 per roll, Focus

Cherish Fresh Green, £14.99 per roll, Focus

These papers have added more confusion to my never-ending search for the perfect bedroom feature wall pattern – the elegant Sara Green design is in my new top five…but the hunt continues! – Ellie

This Sunday marks the beginning of British summer time, so don’t forget to put your clocks forward! If you can’t afford an expensive designer clock, have a look at this gorgeous idea from Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom of The Curiosity Shoppe, published on the American Design*Sponge website.

clock3It’s a cheap IKEA Rusch clock, which costs just £1.26! They spray-painted the frame and used a sheet of pretty vintage paper to line the inside. So simple yet so sweet, I love it – but Emily’s not so keen! Tell us what you think? I’ll be making my own version this weekend. – Ellie