I’ve struggled to sleep this week under/on top of my 13.5 tog goose down duvet. Suddenly it’s summer and my bed is not ready! Having just previewed the new Bedeck bed linen range in collaboration with Joules, I’m now feeling a little inspired to sort out my bedroom, dig out the summer duvet and change the sheets. Although this is an AW12 collection, I think the country-style prints are suitable summery and are available from mid-August. Take a peek…

Joules bedlinen, Bedeck, AW12, Joules, country style, homeware, bedding, bedroom, preview, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

1. Sunbird cushion, £40. 2. Gold woolen beehive throw, £80. 3. Sunbird pillowcase, £15.

Joules bedlinen, Bedeck, AW12, Joules, country style, homeware, bedding, bedroom, preview, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

Joules bedlinen, Bedeck, AW12, Joules, country style, homeware, bedding, bedroom, preview, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys1. Box stripe horse cushion, £40. 2. Ribbon stripe horse pillowcase, £20. 3. Ribbon stripe horse towel, from £10.

Joules bedlinen, Bedeck, AW12, Joules, country style, homeware, bedding, bedroom, preview, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

Joules bedlinen, Bedeck, AW12, Joules, country style, homeware, bedding, bedroom, preview, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

1. Salcombe throw, £85. 2. Coastal boats Oxford pillowcase, £15. 3. Boats cushion, £40.

Joules bedlinen, Bedeck, AW12, Joules, country style, homeware, bedding, bedroom, preview, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

Joules bedlinen, Bedeck, AW12, Joules, country style, homeware, bedding, bedroom, preview, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys1. Deckchair stripe Oxford pillowcase, £15. 2. Deckchair stripe towel, from £10. 3. Jade green beehive throw, £85.

I love the bright colours and cheery prints, all inspired by the British countryside and outdoor pursuits. Which one’s your favourite? – Alice

I know, I know, we’re spoiling you today. It took a lot of persuasion, a few bribes here and there and perhaps a little bit of cheek, but we have it. Le scoop: Lisa Stickley‘s new bed linen designs for Heals (launching on 8th December). Regardez:

HURRAH for Lisa who, despite a punishing schedule churning out Debenhams designs, craft books and beautiful handbags, still manages to come up with such a fresh, pretty collection. I particularly love the trees design (which would look oh-so-cute in a kids’ room with the new Harlequin Boutique trees wallpaper but that’s by the by…) and also the orange set below, which is called Tangerine Hankie Flower:

As the youngsters round my way say, this is bare good, innit. – Ellie

It launches a week today, but we’ve tracked down the spring/summer H&M Home collection to bring you an exclusive preview! It’s really cheered me up on this grey November day…

Check. Out. This. Bed linen. The colours are so gorgeous, I had to pop to the Dulux website to create a matching springtime palette. Delicious. This colour combo reminds me of Mulberry’s Sobrani design – see the H&M cushion bottom right and the Mulberry one bottom left! (FYI: The H&M one is £2.99. The Mulberry one is £100.)

Elsewhere in this collection, there are doormats…

Beautiful bed linen sets…

Cute botancial and zigzag cushions…

Towels and bath mats with a vintage look…

Fun vegetable table runners and tea towels (perhaps it’s because of my new allotment, but these have got me VERY excited!)…

And lots of other lovely little things such as storage containers, tea-themed and floral tea towels and vintage-style table runners to die for…

Eee by gum, there’s nowt like a new collection. On Tuesday, we checked out the new Oxford Street H&M Home store (at 174 Oxford Street if you’re in London) – well worth a visit. The system in-store is a bit like Argos – you collect little magnetic photos of the products you want as you go round the store, and stick them to a magnetic board (your shopping trolley) then collect your goods at the till when you pay. Genius! – Ellie

NEW: H&M UK home range

July 12, 2010

Get ready for some serious shopping, people – H&M is launching a homeware collection in the UK – finally! Available online from September, this brand new range oozes designer-style, at teeny weeny high street prices. This. Makes. Me. Very. VERY. Excited. Observe:

We’ve lapped up H&M‘s on-trend-but-affordable fashion for years; on a personal note, I’ve been a big fan of the lint rollers (by the tills) for a decade at least. I probably need to get out more. When H&M homeware launched last year – in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands – basically, everywhere but here – it was an instant hit. The UK is more than ready for trend-led homewares, and I predict this new collection is going to be HUGE. Check out the place mats, napkins, cushions, and tea towels – this French-style look is oh-so-chic! I am LOVING the butterfly paper napkins, the Chanel ‘No.36’ cushion, the ‘Please put the milk bottles out’ tea towel – basically, everything here. And, to give you a rough idea of prices – we’re talking £4.99 for a hand towel, £24.99 for a duvet set and £69.99 for a bed spread. Pretty darn reasonable.

Bed linen with typewriters, Anglepoise lamps AND birds on it? So many trends in one place! Love it!

Oooh la la! There are some fabulous boudoir shower curtains here, and some stunning floral prints on towels and table runners. I really like the rich, midnight blue and teal rose pattern above – it reminds me of a vintage dress I have. What’s that? You’ve been searching for space-age, silver bed linen with a foil-like look for years? Coming right up…(I imagine Lady GaGa has this at home…to match her leotard):

Visit the H&M website in September to see the rest of this quirky collection. Three cheers for the hipsters at H&M. Hip Hip… – Ellie

I’ve just got back from interviewing the lovely Clarissa Hulse over in East London– you’ll have to buy our gorgeous November issue (out in October) to hear all her gossip and see her stunning new collections. But for now, check out these snaps Clarissa kindly let me take of her studio. It’s a riot of colour – there were pretty patterns everywhere, and I left feeling very inspired!


I loved the vintage pieces that Clarissa re-upholsters in her fabulous fabrics and, weirdly, I really liked the splashes of paint and pattern remnants on her huge work table – beautiful!

Clarissa’s got a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline, so don’t miss our November issue later this autumn. Here’s a clue though – Clarissa with two John Lewis sales assistants wearing rather fetching ties…  – Ellie

HOT TREND: Paint effects

March 18, 2010

Grab your paintbrush and strike a creative pose, preferably with an easel and palette…painterly (if that’s a word?!) effects are going to be huge this season, dahling. Check out these new Conran Shop plates, the ‘Prova Prima’ swatch collection…

Designer Paola Navone (who has an exhibition at Few and Far at the moment, by the by) was inspired by the discarded swatch plates she found on the floors of Richard Ginori‘s Tuscan factory which were covered in casual tester spots where plate-decorators had been testing out colours. If you’re into painterly effects, pop to House of Fraser for painted bed linen that looks like a watercolour of a summery meadow…

…then head to Bhs to stock up on painted accessories like these cute salt and pepper shakers. Chouette!

And gorgeous painterly poppy plates from our friends at Anthropologie. SIGH. – Ellie

The Valentine Files: PART I

February 8, 2010

Ever since David Page held my hand in the Book Corner and gave me a huge, glittery hand-made card to declare his undying love (we were both four at the time), I’ve been a fan of Valentine’s Day.

On HomeShoppingSpy this week, we’re going to wade through the mountains of pink plastic hearts, teddies, helium balloons and faux roses to bring you The Valentine files – posts filled with the most beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts and some easy ways to make your own personalised love tokens, which always mean so much more than anything shop-bought. Get crafting for your other half, your secret crush…or just for yourself to make your home look fabulous!

Our first gift idea is a stunning paper heart artwork from Sarah & Bendrix at Notonthehighstreet. These remind me of Tracey Bush butterfly frames, which I’ve ripped off, (erm, been inspired by) myself.  I like the little initial/date hearts for a personal detail and the way some are stuck down completely while others are folded and 3D – so pretty.

I’ve got my eye on these delicate ceramic hearts from The Chic Country Home, but then I always was a sucker for a bit of typography…

Another romantic idea is this stylish Bedtime Stories bed linen from Tiago da Fonseca. It’s printed with ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ fairy tale from Brothers Grimm and gives a whole new meaning to reading in bed! – Ellie

EXCLUSIVE: New 2010 bed linen

November 18, 2009

This lovely image just appeared in my inbox and cheered me up on this windy, grey November day. It shows some new REN bed linen from House of Fraser‘s spring/summer 2010 collection – all very floral, and all very pretty.

This picture has also confirmed a few things that I have suspected for a while now: Firstly, that the white IKEA four-poster Edland bed frame looks very cool without any curtains/sheets draped on it. And secondly, that making a collage feature wall of gorgeous wallpaper samples CAN work. There’s a cool location house with this sort of collage effect, which I’ve spotted in hundreds of mags over the years. Here it is in Living Etc a while back:

I think as long as your other walls are white, and you choose the papers carefully, this can look lovely. It’s great if you just can’t decide which wallpaper to go for – and very cheap if you just use free sample sheets! – Ellie

We’re loving the new Toast spring/summer catalogue photography. Shot in Greece, it’s making me dream of sunny summer days! I love this raised sleeping area, with it’s vintage lace border and retro angle poise lamps. – Ellie


New from Lulu Guinness this Spring/Summer 09 is this gorgeous Life is a Bed of Roses bedlinen collection, where fuchsia pink roses are scattered over a rich cotton percale linen. The message is repeated on the linen inside the bed too, just incase you forget in the middle of the night – Emily 15