These Amy Ruppel wall stickers launched in the US earlier this year, but the good news is you can now get them in the UK, too, from Supernice

Cute owl and tree designs with Amy’s trademark retro twist…

…and Supernice also has some pretty darn cool Nintendo wall stickers well worth a peep! – Ellie


February 26, 2010

Bhs has been producing fabulous home accessories for a while now, but I think the new summer range is the best yet. Check out the Bohemia collection – all very pretty and feminine:

I’ve always wanted a bedroom with a door onto the garden like this…so airy in the summer. Love the shell pendant light fitting, too…

Turquoise, hot pink and bright yellow – what a fabulous combination of zingy colours! It’s a mix we were chatting about earlier today actually, in a live interiors surgery for the Times Online.

Cute towels here with a birdy theme (see more about Garden Birds in the May issue of Ideal Home!)…and what a crisp, beautiful bathroom. Shots like this make me want to paint everything in my house white and just have colourful accessories. Sigh.

Sweet appliqué cushions here – and a fabulous butterfly rug!! I’m sure we’ve admired the wallpaper collage in this location house before, but isn’t it lovely? I knew there was a reason for my obsessive stash of wallpaper samples! Have a lovely weekend. I’m off to an antiques fair in Detling, so I’ll be sniffing out beautiful things for my home and sorting through the weird and wonderful, too. I’ll take some pics for Monday. I can feel a photo-montage coming on already… –Ellie

An invitation to a party

September 8, 2009

Here at Ideal Home, three of our team are leaving so we’re all having a big party this Friday night. I just wanted to show you the gorgeous invitation that Marie, our Deputy Style Editor who’s moving to Australia to go freelance, made:

inviteHow cute! Invitations from stylists are always the nicest, and this one’s so lovely it qualifies for ‘pin-on-the-noticeboard-of-joy’ status. – Ellie

Crafting gold dust!

August 14, 2009

Hurrah for internet serendipity! Hurrah for Fridays generally! Hurrah for the sunshine gently warming mucky Southwark! Bethan’s just found a fantastic online resource packed full of thousands of beautiful high-resolution insect, bird and butterfly pictures, and we’re already planning a myriad of exciting craft projects we could use them for. (No, we don’t get out much!) If you’re a crafting queen yourself, check out the stunning Victorian natural history clip-art illustrations at this random web address and imagine the possibilities! I’m going to make some greetings cards and gift tags, some wall art with the butterflies (think John Dilnot), some transfers for vintage china plates (a la Lou Rota) – and that’s just for starters. I don’t even have to cut up any vintage books/magazines for once. If I could only work out how to get a grave accent symbol for the ‘a’ in ‘a la’ on this stupid blog editing system, I’d be a happy girl today. You’ll find the secret stash here. – Ellie

crafting heaven

The 2010 IKEA catalogue just landed on my desk, and it’s packed full of exciting new designs. This gorgeous new ‘BARBAR’ bird tray has got to be my favourite new accessory. It’s 33cm x 33cm, and I love the little coloured birds pattern. Hurrah for IKEA prices – it’s just £4.99, so even I can afford this one! – Ellie



I’ve just seen the new collection at Rose and Grey, and these cute bird and bicycle designs blew me away! Check them out…


Birds on a wire wall sticker, £69, Rose and Grey

Bird cage cushion, £62, Rose and Grey

Bird cage cushion, £62, Rose and Grey

Velo tea towel, £9.50, Rose and Grey

Velo tea towel, £9.50, Rose and Grey

Bird cage tea towel, £9.50, Rose and Grey

Bird cage tea towel, £9.50, Rose and Grey

Mmmmm, I’m just fantasising about how cool the Birds on a Wire sticker would look in my bedroom… sometimes this job is so hard. Too much temptation! Let me know your thoughts…are you bird-obsessed, too? – Ellie


I’ve just seen the latest wallpaper and fabric design from Lewis & Wood. ‘Bewick Birds’ is inspired by the work of Thomas Bewick, a wood engraver who published the History of British Birds in 1797. I think this paper would make a stunning feature wall. Although it’s a traditional design, birdy patterns are all the rage at the moment and it could look contemporary used in a striking teal and chocolate scheme:


The wallpaper is £46 per roll, and the fabric is £44 per m, so this is a treat to save up for. The good news is you won’t need much to make a big impact. Check out these other beautiful bird buys. – Ellie


Red bird cushion, $39, Etsy


Birdy decorations, £9.75 each, Whippet Grey


Bird stamp set, £25, Cox & Cox


Bird hooks, £12 each, Graham and Green